Snapchat Has More Than 200 Million Daily Users

Snap is trying to get back up from adversity. In the Q2 earnings report released, Snap announced its social network had 203 million active Snapchat users in the last quarter.

This number increased by eight compared to the same period last year, and increased by seven percent compared to the previous quarter, as reported by Engadget.

One of the achievements was caused by the design changes that were rolled out by Snap for the Android version of its social networking application last quarter.

Snap says that users use this new application seven percent more, although this statement is considered confusing with the number of new users of Android devices.

The number of users is estimated in recognition that there are Android users with older devices that don’t run the new version of the application. Snap also mentions that new users use Snapchat application for a longer duration.

Snap found an increase of more than 10 percent at the level of recognition of people who just accessed Snapchat for the first time.

As for financial performance, Snap still has not experienced profits even though it is reported to be happening in the near future.

Snap reportedly made a profit of USD388 million (IDR5.4 trillion), an increase of 48 percent compared to Q2 in 2018. But Snap still suffered a loss of USD255 million (Rp3.5 trillion) in the last quarter, a decrease of 28 percent compared to the loss in Q2 2018.

Meanwhile, the Discover Snap platform also gained more attention from users in the last quarter. Audience content grew by 35 percent last year, although Snap was reluctant to share the exact numbers to qualify for the number of viewers.

The total daily consumption time on the Discover platform also increased by 60 percent compared to 2018. Previously, Snap announced that the Creator Show will soon appear on Snapchat in order to welcome the VidCon event.

This three to five-minute program reported The Verge will air eight to 10 episodes per season, starting this summer on the Discovery page on the Snapchat app.

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