How to use Snapchat Lens to change the land into hot lava

Snapchat has released the latest world lens that can turn land into hot lava. Let’s find out how to turn your surroundings into hot lava using this Snapchat lens or filter.

Snapchat’s World Lens is able to change the environment around you through Snapchat’s camera with a series of effects. World Lens was introduced as a way to add creativity to the world around through Snapchat’s camera to express yourself with your friends on Snapchat.

World Lens has evolved from placing 3D characters or objects in the world through Snapchat’s camera, to changing the sky or changing iconic landmarks in the world.

snapchat hot lava lens

Now Snapchat again proves that they are pioneers in Augmented Reality technology. Through the World Lens feature, Snapchat releases a lens that can turn land into a pool of hot lava.

How to turn land into hot lava using Snapchat World Lens

  • Update your Snapchat app to the latest version. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get the update.
  • Open Snapchat on iOS or Android
  • On the main screen, tap the screen to open the Lens Carousel
  • Select Carousel (Double-click the screen or click “switch” in the upper right corner if you need to switch to world-facing view)
  • Slide the Lens Carousel to find the Lens “Floor is Lava”
  • Tap to take a snap or hold the shutter button to take a video.
  • Share it as a snap, or Stories

So that’s how to use Snapchat World Lens to turn land into hot lava, pretty cool right? Don’t forget to let your friends know about this latest World Lens by sharing or displaying your work.

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