Snapchat in-app stores

Snapchat released a new feature that allows Snapchat influencers to sell their products on the Snapchat app. Let’s find out more about Snapchat’s in-app stores and how it works.

In an effort to increase users engagement, Snapchat is releasing new options for shopping through the Snapchat app. This new feature from Snapchat provides facilities for several account owners to open their own store in the Snapchat app.

Common Snapchat users or prospective consumers have access to these stores. This feature will be powered by Shopify allowing you to make payments directly through the Snapchat app. But the checkout feature through the Snapchat app is only available to Snapchat users at the U.S. But there’s no need to worry, Snapchat users outside the U.S. can still shop and do the checkout. International users will be directed to a mobile website for reasons of privacy and data requirements overseas.

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Snapchat releasing in-app stores

On June 6, 2019, only 5 official accounts have access or privileges to open their own store on the Snapchat app. They are Kylie Jenner (Kylie Cosmetics); Kim Kardashian (KKW Beauty); Shay Mitchell (Béis); Spencer Pratt (Pratt Daddy Crystals); Bhad Bhabie (BHADgoods). Each of these accounts already has access to the swipe-up to buy feature to sell their own products. For the future, Snap plans to release this feature or give access rights to more official accounts in coming weeks, including Khloe Kardashian (Good American) and Rob Kardashian (Arthur George) and will expand the program to publishers later this year.

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So, Snapchat in-app store is a special facility that is given to Snapchat influencers who are considered to have quite a lot of loyal followers so they are likely to buy whatever their idols sell. It might be more interesting if Snapchat also releases this feature in general to anyone who has a small and medium business so that it can stimulate economic growth, and of course, it can boost the user’s engagement.

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