Snapchat is predicted to become increasingly more popular

Although in recent times many emerging clone of Snapchat app, according to eMarketer, Snapchat will be increasing in popularity in the next few years.

eMarketer is a market researh firm, they predicts that Snapchat will see a 27.2 percent increase is in user growth in 2016 and another increase of 13.6 percent in 2017. While today Snapchat already has 150 million daily users wordwide, it is believed that most of them come from the United States.

While in 2018, the increase will have stability with a “single-digit” increases because Snapchat users is expected to be substantially larger than this year.” Still, that’s a huge amount of growth for a company that is already outpacing Twitter and many other rivals.

Snapchat is predicted to become increasingly popularimage:

As we know, following the success of Snapchat with a new concept in social media app, many others companies try to adopt and implement it as a new feature in their apps, like instagram’s stories. But it turns out it does not make people turn away from Snapchat, they may also use instagram, but spent more time to use Snapchat. People prefer to use Snapchat because you do not have to look perfect and artsy, you can snap every sudden moment and touch it up a lil bit then put it on your Stories. “We’re like a camera company,” said Bryan Kim, manager of Snapchat’s strategy group. “And we encourage creativity, which is why there are so many creative tools on our platform—doodles, geofilters, stickers and lenses.”

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The report also predicts that Snapchat, once known for its predominantly teenage user base, will continue to grow in popularity among older users. The app’s U.S. user base is roughly 70 percent millennials right now, according to eMarkerter, but their share is set to go down to just 56 percent by the end of 2020. Millennials (those currently aged 16-35) will continue to make up the largest share of Snapchat’s user base, but that particular demographic will shrink to 56 percent of the app’s audience from its current status of 70 percent. This statistic falls in line with the recent analysis that more older users are flocking to the app.

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Right now, the company makes the bulk of its revenue from advertising — think sponsored lenses, geofilters and the ads you see in Discover — and a bigger, more diverse set of users will certainly be a boon for both advertisers and Snapchat’s bottom line.

Walaupun Snapchat’s user interface sudah sangat user friendly, tetapi menurut sebagian older users, Snapchat masih dianggap sebagai “difficult” app. Selain itu, agar tetap bisa mempertahankan popularitasnya, Snapchat sebagaiknya memperbaiki berbagai bugs seperti the app yang suddently crashed, the verification login system yang lebih banyak merepotkan, dan lainnya yang sering dikeluhkan para pengguna di kolom komentar kami.

Even though Snapchat’s user interface is very user friendly, according to some older users, Snapchat is still regarded as “difficult” app. In addition, to maintain it’s popularity, Snapchat should fix various bugs like the app that suddently crashed, the login verification system that is more troublesome, and more often complained by the users in our comments field.

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