Snapchat Leaderboard Games

Snapchat released Leaderboard Games on the Snap Games platform. Let’s find out how to get and play this Leaderboard Games with your friends on Snapchat anytime even when your friends are offline.

The problem with multiplayer online games is when we don’t have friends who are online at the same time to be invited to play together. Snapchat released Leaderboard Games which allows you as a user to play at any time while still competing with your friends. This new format allows you to play with your friends at different times according to your schedule.

Score streaming will display your friend’s live scores, as they play the game. Your friend’s Bitmoji will appear in the game while you play so that even though your friend is not online or playing, they are still present to bother you as a Bitmoji.

The company calls this new game format “casual, easy-to-play games that let friends play asynchronously to compete for the top spots on a leaderboard among their own groups of friends.” The new games, however, keep a style familiar to the original Snap Games.

How to play Snapchat Leaderboard Games

Snapchat Leaderboard Games come in two types, Find My Friends and Slide the Shakes, both designed by Snapchat. Find My Friends is a kind of “Where’s Waldo?”, The difference is it’s Bitmoji and you have to find your friends in a crowd. Scores will increase faster when you find your friends. Slide the Shakes has you delivering milkshakes to friends across a countertop riddled with different obstacles.

To access Snapchat Leaderboard Games is the same as starting another Snap Games. You only need to look for the trophy icon to identify the Leaderboard Games. Follow the steps below:

  • Update your Snapchat app to the latest version
  • Launch your Snapchat app, from the home screen, go to the Chat by swiping right.
  • Open any type of chat and tap the rocket to access the games.
  • When your friends are online, chat and voice chats are available.

So that’s how to play Snapchat Leaderboard Games, looks pretty exciting right? What are you waiting for? immediately play this game and ask your friends to play together.

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