Snapchat Lenses Not Working on iPhone 4, 4s, and iPad Mini

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4 Responses

  1. Snick says:

    Just because you have an iphone 4 DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE POOR!!! ?. Seriously I have an iphone 4 and so do other people at my school and my school is like 90% rich people! Iphone 4/4s are actually still very common . Stop calling people poor if they can’t get a better phone yet!! It’s not people fault that there parents are tight arses or they actually like there phone and don’t want to get a new one yet. And PS learn how to spell while your at it ! ? and they are not old iphone 3’s are old . Why else do iphone 4’s actually have resale value?

  2. Jazimine says:

    Iphone 4 dosnt have ios8

  3. gregory says:

    My IOS is 7.1.2 and when I want to download snapchat it tells me uprade to IOS 8.0 and iPhone 4 cannot be upgraded.. what should I do

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