Snapchat Live Location

What is Snapchat Live Location? how does it work? A not-so-complete guide to using Snapchat Live Location. But we try our best to explain it to you.

Now you can find out the location of your friends in real-time through the Snapchat app. You no longer need to tell that you are on your way to an appointment because your friends have been monitoring your location on the Snapchat app. That is possible if you allow your friends to see your live location.

Snapchat Live Location is a Snapchat feature that allows you to share your real-time location with friends of your choosing. This feature’s primary purpose is security so that your friends can monitor where you are going. Are you still on the track to where you should be going, or are you going where you shouldn’t be that day? That way, if you’ve gotten off track and can’t be reached, your friends can immediately ask for help tracking your whereabouts based on your Snapchat Live Location.

chill bro, I’m on my way, here’s my Snapchat Live Location

This feature takes advantage of Snap Map, a feature that was first launched in 2017. The difference is, that Snapchat Live Location can be more specific and customizable, meaning that you can choose which of your friends on Snapchat can access your Live Location. Your location on the Snap Map will be represented by your Bitmoji which will follow you where you go in real-time, pretty cool, isn’t it? or creepy?

Let’s dig more

How to use Snapchat Live Location

First, you need to update your Snapchat app to the latest version to get all the latest features and bug fixes. This is important to do so that you can use the features that have been released by Snapchat. You can get the latest updates from the Snapchat app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store according to the OS of your phone.

Open your Snapchat app and tap the Chat icon.
Select one of your friends with whom you want to share your current location by clicking on their profile picture.

Here you can see several options for managing your friends’ contacts. To share your live location with your selected friend, tap Share My Location under the Snap Map section.

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A pop-up will then appear with a choice of how you will share your live location. Will you share your live location with your contacts or only with your selected contact exclusively.

If you have not previously set up Snap Map, a pop-up will appear again asking for your consent so that the app can use your phone’s GPS. Tap “Allow” to proceed. I mean, you might be a new Snapchat user who is interested in using Snapchat because of this living location feature. You will be directed to Snapchat local settings.

From the options, select Location to configure the app’s location permissions. You get four options — “Never”, “Ask Next Time, Or When I Share”, “While Using the App”, or “Always”. Our suggestion is to choose “Ask Next Time Or When I Share” for security reasons.

Done, you have successfully set up and done the step-by-step for sharing live locations on the Snapchat app. Now you just need to go back to the Snapchat app and open the Chat tab with the friend you have chosen to confirm whether the live location has been successful.

How to send live location requests on Snapchat

Apart from sending your live location to your friends, you can also send a request to send a live location from your friend. You can use this feature when you want to know if your friends are on their way or still showering at home when they are late for a meeting. Here is how to do it:

Reopen your Snapchat app and go to Chat. Select the friend you want to ask for a live location, and tap the profile icon.

Under the Snap Map section, select Request (Your friend’s name) Location.

The live location request process will take place and wait for the approval of the recipient of your request when the option changes color to dull gray with the words “Location Requested…”

If your request is accepted (I mean your request may be rejected, not everything you want must be fulfilled), then a preview map will appear in your chat box informing you that your request has been accepted. To see the actual live location, you just need to tap on the map.

How to stop sharing live locations on Snapchat

When you start something, you also have to know how to finish it. If you want to end the live location session before the time you have specified, you can do it manually. You can use Ghost Mode on Snap Map.

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Ghost Mode on Snap Map makes you invisible. Your location will also not be updated. Your friends can still send requests to see your location, but you can decline them so you’ll still be a ghost on the Snap Map.

Go to the Map, then tap on Ghost Mode. You need to turn on the Ghost Mode so your friends can’t see your location. A pop-up will appear asking for your Ghost Mode settings preference. Set the Ghost Mode to turn on only for a certain amount of time, or as long as you want. Tap Until Turned Off to limit your location visibility to yourself.

There is another option in enabling Ghost Mode. For security reasons and to keep the creeps away, you can choose the Who Can See My Location preference. This option allows you to share your location only with friends you trust and choose.

If you select “My Friends” then all your mutual friends can see your location. If you want to hide from only 1 person, you can choose “My Friends, Except…”. The best option is to select “Only These Friends…” which allows you to share your location only with close friends you trust.

The record of your location is stored by Snapchat and used for things like the following:

  • Tagging your presence in events nearby
  • Tracking/or allowing someone to locate you for rendezvous, or emergency purposes
  • Update your travel card as you check into various locations

All locations, old and new, are deemed and recorded as Stories by the app. Your check-ins even appear under Recent travels on your Map that can be viewed by selected friends.

So that’s all we can explain about Snapchat Live Location. You can use this feature according to your needs. We always remind you about the security of your privacy by setting your Snapchat Live Location preferences. This feature gives Snapchat users the freedom to set who can see your location and how long they can see it.

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