Snapchat Mobile Gaming Platform

Snapchat will soon release a game platform for the developers. The Snapchat’s mobile game platform codenamed “Project Cognac”. Project Cognac gaming platform will feature a handful of games from outside developers designed to work specifically in the Snapchat app.

Snapchat had previously tried the game by launching Snappables, a set of AR lens games last year – but the new platform (said to be codenamed Project Cognac) would be a bigger pioneer in the gaming world, and that would allow outside developers to create games that will live in the Snapchat application.

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The plan is that this gaming platform on Snapchat will be announced at Snap’s first-ever summit for content and developer partners in Los Angeles on April 4. The event’s tagline itself says “Less talk. More play. ”- a nod to the gaming platform.

Snapchat Mobile Gaming Platform

The release of Snapchat’s mobile gaming platform was a continuation of the acquisition of a small Australian gaming studio called Prettygreat for $ 8.6 million last year.

Tencent – a Chinese technology conglomerate that owns Riot Games and League of Legends and popular messaging application WeChat – also bought 12 percent of Snap shares last year.

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Tencent said that the share purchase could “explore opportunities for cooperation with companies on mobile game publishing and the newsfeed,” which also appeared to indicate an impetus for the development of games for Snap.

By adding gaming platforms, Snapchat will result in increased user involvement and allow companies to make more money.

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