Snapchat new lenses cost $0.99 to keep them forever

In September 2015, snapchat launched snapchat lenses, You can use this new feature you to make your face on your selfie look more ridiculous even scarier with various filter animation, one of the most popular is the rainbow mouth face where you can make your face puking a rainbow with those big eyes.

Now today, a month after snapchat lense so popular and all people like to use it to send silly selfies to each other, snapchat thought to provide some additional new lenses that are not free. There are about 30 new lenses that you can get by paying $ 0.99. No time limit for using these lenses, which means that after you spend $ 0.99, you can use these lenses forever. A new way obtained by snapchat to make a profit after paid replay.

Many people become freak out about this, including the negative comments via twitter, while the official twitter account of snapchat only respond by retweeting those mentions. I think these people are not think rationally and selfish. They want a flawless applications that do not display ads like other cheesy free applications. They demand a lot of things when they do not pay a dime.

snapchat paid lenses

Snapchat team racked their brains to think of how to remain able to make money to feed the programmers who develop snapchat. $ 0.99 for snapchat replay and $ 0.99 more for 30 lenses that you can use forever I do not think it’s too much, you only have to pay 99 cents once in your life for this feature, cheaper than a cup of bad coffee that overpriced, which remains you buy every day just to be photographed in instagram. You think snapchat’s application developers paid to what? impossible for a company with so many employees deliver services for 100% free.

So stop whining like a child and purchare those new 30 lenses on snapchat if you want, or you can still use 7 free lenses without paying.

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