Snapchat on Chromebook

Find out how to install Snapchat on Chromebook. Yes, you can actually get Snapchat on Chromebook and make it run and working by using Snapchat apk for Chromebook.

Snapchat is a picture and video-based messenger app that is currently being used by many people and even more popular than instagram among teenagers in United States. The latest features such as face swap lenses, Chat 2.0, and 3D Stickers makes this application is so addictive. We believe that snapchat will keep updating with another upcoming awesome features.

How to install Snapchat on Chromebook

Snapchat is currently available for Android and iPhone or iOS devices. Windows Phone have to use third party app to use Snapchat, because Snapchat until now has not released the official app for Windows Phone. Computer or laptop with Windows OS can use the BlueStacks as an emulator to use Snapchat. What about Chromebook? Can you get Snapchat on chromebook? of course you can, let’s find out how to install Snapchat on Chromebook.

How to install Snapchat on Chromebook

Chromebook is a laptop of a different breed with Google’s Chrome OS running on it. You have to connected to the internet to use Chromebook because the apps and documents are stored in the cloud.

We are gonna use Snapchat apk to install Snapchat on Chromebook. Since we are using an android’s apk, so you will need “runtime” to run Android apps on Chrome OS. To get this “runtime”, you just have to install one of the apps that available on the Chrome Web Store, then you can “sideload” Snapchat app and run it on your Chromebook. Make sure the app you installed from the Chrome Web Store is work and running to make sure that the runtime is installed perfectly on your Chromebook

Download the latest version of Snapchat app apk file, you can get it from websites like apkmirror that provide the apk files of the apps from Google Play. We will convert this Snapchat apk file into a package for Chromebook. To do this, we are gonna use chromebook-apk tool, this tool is running on linux, but there is a way to convert it manually on Windows or You can use ubuntu live-cd to convert the apk.

Open the terminal on linux and run these two commands to install and set up node.js:

sudo apt-get install nodejs npm

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

Then install the chromeos-apk tool by running this command:

sudo npm install chromeos-apk -g

Move the Snapchat apk file you have already downloaded to the home directory, and run this command, still in the terminal

chromeos-apk snapchatapp.apk

If you wish to use Snapchat in tablet mode, add prefix –tablet at the end of the command:

chromeos-apk snapchatapp.apk --tablet

The command will generates a directory, which will appear in your home directory. Copy the directory to your Chromebook. Go to the Extensions page on your Chromebook by clicking Chrome –> “Hamburger” menu –> Tools– > Extensions, click Enable developer mode, and use the Load unpacked extension button to load the extension directory for the Snapchat app.

Now, to run Snapchat app on your Chromebook, simply open select the Launch option for the Snapchat app in the Extensions menu.

If you having trouble in installing Snapchat app on Chromebook, or maybe you have found another way to do it, please share with us and another Chromebook users.

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  1. I need to be able to get snapchat quickly and then delete it quickly so I can on it while my teachers think I’m listening I’m actually talking to my friends.

    • Yes I got the apk and I opened up the zip files but to get to the terminal you are too vague there are a ton of files and I don’t know what to open


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