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Sometimes you do not always connected to the internet when you are a successfully capture a moment in a photograph. For the purposes of social media sharing, some of you maybe store selfies or photos to be shared one day when they were not going anywhere so they still have stacks of selfie pictures to be uploaded later.

In Snapchat, the snaps you submit are not always be taken immediately. Indeed, most people take a picture using the camera through snapchat directly and immediately sent it after adding caption or lenses filter. Another option is to send the snaps images that you have saved in your iPhone gallery storage.

How to snapchat a photo from gallery iPhone

First, you must give permission to use a photo gallery of your iPhone that can be used by snapchat app, here’s how to do it: go to “Settings” , tap on “Privacy” then “Photos” and swap it to “on” for Snapchat.

turn on permission for upload photos from gallery on snapchatBut if you are running on android, you don’t need to do this, to begin upload your saved image, tap the grey little box at the bottom right of the camera screen. It will open the gallery, select the picture you want to upload, don’t forget to add caption, draw it, or add geofilters.

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You can also share or snap it directly when you browse the image gallery, but this option only avaliable if you are running on iOS 8. Select the picture you would like to share, and then tap share button

How to snapchat a photo from gallery iPhonesource:

There are several social media apps, but to find snapchat, you need to tap on “more” icon with three dots (…). Choose snapchat icon to lauch snapchat that already got the picture you select before, be an artist by add drawing or anything else you like. The next step is just like snaping a picture like always do, select the friend you want to send and set the timer.

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Upload pictures from gallery to snapchat on iphone is very helping for those who has tons of pictures that are still saved on the phone because maybe you don’t have internet connection at the time, you with this you can upload your old picture an snaps them.

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