Snapchat rainbow mouth lense

Bored with snapchat filters? in the latest update of snapchat app, they add lenses lenses freature to make your selfie pictures become more bizarre than usual. Since snapchat is an application which allows you to set how long your message will disappear by itself, you do not need to worry to send your wierd snaps to your friends, except they screenshot it of course. One of the options available on lenses is rainbow puke mouth face with big puppy eyes.

How to make rainbow mouth puke effect on snapchat

Several times lately you may often find people around you posting selfies with puke rainbow effect with those wierd big eyes. Ever wonder how to create it with your own face? here’s how to do it with snapchat.

First, make sure you have updated your snapchat to the latest version. This feature only work for iPhone and Android devices.

What you waiting for? after you update your snapchat, run it and go to the camera screen. Swith to front camera to take selfie.

How to do rainbow mouth on snapchat

To open the lenses options, tap and hold on your sweet face. The lenses effect will show up, since we want to make a rainbow puke face, select it, or you can try other lenses that avaliable.

snapchat rainbow lense

If you select the rainbow puke face, you will be asked to open your mouth, just do it, trust me, it will be great. Keep open your mouth until it’s done. To record a video, tap and hold the button.

How to Get Rainbow on SnapchatAnd that is your wierd face with rainbow puke on it, you can send the result to your friend and your stories. tap on the arrow on the right buttom.

How to Get Rainbow Filter on Snapchat

You can also try other lenses and apply it to your selfies and create other wierd faces.

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