Snapchat redesign story page and discover

Find out what Snapchat’s new redesign concept look like. With the new story page and discover design, you can subscribe to your favourite channels.

In the latest update, Snapchat redesign their user interface. You can see the changes on the screen page, story, and discover. The redesign concept aims to boost the publisher’s content. Now You can easily find out “preview” of the content offered by the publisher.

What Snapchat’s new story page and discover look like

On the screen page, you can see the changes on the icon. The shutter button and story / discover button now hovering every time you change to another page.

snapchat redesign ui

The story and discover page button is not a square anymore. Tap those three-dot button to open the story page.

Snapchat redesign story page and discoverSnapchat redesign the story page and discover. You can see big changes when you open your story tab, now the publisher can add a picture and a headline so we know the content they offer. This is a brilliant change made to push the publisher’s content that is currently the largest source of their income. The lack of engagement and views from Snapchat may encourage them to redesign with this new concept. Me myself was more interested in opening the publisher’s content after seeing a bit of a preview, it’s more eye-catching than just displaying the logo of the advertiser on the old user interface.

In addition to the new design concept, another new feature is you can subscribe to your favourite channels. Tap and hold on one of the discover, a pop up window will show up and tap the subscribe button. When you subscribe to one of them, they will appeared at the bottom of your friend’s story feed which mean it will loaded automatically after your friend’s stories.

snapchat redesign ui concept explained

The discover page is changed into magazine mode. The publishers must compete to create a preview of the content that is interesting for the user to open and subscribe to their channel. Whether you are subscribed or not, all publishers content will show up here for you to pick.

So what do you think about this new Snapchat’s redesign story page and discover, let us know your thought.

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