Snapchat remove Snapcash from the app

Snapchat has disabled Snapcash, a feature that works to send money among Snapchat users.

But don’t worry, you can still enjoy other cool features from Snapchat. You can still use Snapchat lenses of course. They have also included additional features such as glasses and videos that can live outside of Snapchat.

Snapcash was launched in 2014. It is a way that allows users to send money between them without having to abandon the application.

Snapchat remove Snapcash from the app

But many other companies, from the Venmo app to the payment options that are now based on Android and Apple phones, have many of the same ideas and Snapchat is having a hard time getting an appeal.

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Snap has not been announced because this feature will be disabled. But it is not clear how many people have used it, taking into account the various alternatives available.

Snap may want to close those who use it. One of the key groups of Snapcash is a market of erotic content, with functions that are used to pay people who follow and receive explicit images in return.

The cancellation was first discovered by the developers, who saw a note in the Snapchat code that made it clear that after a certain date, the feature would no longer be available.

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However, Snapchat does not seem to give up payments. The code shown recently shows that companies can create ways for people to direct their phones to objects in the real world and then buy them online.

This feature was created in collaboration with Square, a payment company, which also operates a similar platform called Square Cash. That feature will not be deactivated, according to a Techcrunch report, which reported for the first time on the Snapcash removal.

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