Snapchat return the chronological Stories back

Good news for those of you who want Snapchat’s old chronological Stories. Some Snapchat users reported that they found their Snapchat app getting the chronological Stories back. Does Snap finally listen and fulfill what their loyal users want most?

A few months ago, Snapchat released major updates that changed the design of the user interface and also the algorithm on how Stories is displayed on your Snapchat app. It turns out that many users of Snapchat are disappointed with this update. The new algorithm separates the feed between the Snapchat celebrity and your friend on Snapchat.

Snapchat returns the chronological Stories

Instead of showing stories in the order in which they were published, Snapchat decided to implement the algorithm that determined which ones you’d like to see based on the users interacted the most. Snapchat users do not like this because they can not see Stories from their friends chronologically. Many later also looked for ways to get the old Snapchat version before the major update.

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However, some users are now seeing their Stories in a more traditional reverse-chronological order. This week, some of Snapchat’s users spotted their friends’ Stories back to the chronological order that Snapchat had utilized since the Story feature launched.

Check out some tweets from the following Snapchat users who claim to have the chronological Stories.

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Is this a glitch or Snapchat testing for decision-making in order to restore the chronological Stories? Let’s just wait for the official press release. I myself prefer the new Snapchat user interface, but the chronological order for the Stories is the best and most desirable of the loyal users of the Snapchat app.

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  1. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. For Snapchat, however, it has lately been a series of losses instead. Although not in as terrible a spot as rival Facebook, Snapchat has seen its fair share of one user-losing controversy after another, the latest of which is its much-criticized redesign. Now it seems that Snapchat has conceded defeat and is rolling back at least one feature, bringing back reverse chronological order to your Stories feed.


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