Snapchat Secrets and Tricks 2016 for iPhone and Android

With these tricks and secret, you will become the jedi of Snapchat. Amaze your friends with unlocked features by using this tricks and secrets on Snapchat 2016 for iPhone and Android.

Snapchat gain the popularity lately, not just to send the self-destructs sex text messages, Snapchat evolve into a social media platform based on image and video manipulating which is a lot of fun and addicting. The latest feature allow you to do a face swap, put 3D stickers on your video, and video call on Chat 2.0

Snapchat Secrets and Tricks 2016 for iPhone and Android

Snapchat Secrets and Tricks 2016 for iPhone and Android

In order to use all the latest features available for iPhone and Android, you have to update your Snapchat app. Go to App Store or Play Store to find out whether your Snapchat app is need an update or not. When your Snapchat app is updated, then you are ready to go.

Use big emoji character
Take a picture like you always do, choose the emoji you want to use and hit the “T” symbol in the upper right corner. Then enhance the emoji by zoom it in with your two fingers, or zoom it out to make it smaller.

Find out who have watched your stories
It’s always interesting to find out who have watched our stories, are your crush watch your stories too? well let’s find out. Open one of your story, tap and swipe it up from the bottom of the screen. You will see an eyeball icon with a number, that is the number of people who have viewed your story, tap that eyeball to find out if your crush have viewed your story too.

Hidden Drawing Colour
People are so creative and artistic these days, they can turn a photograph into a funny and awesome drawing on Snapchat. Well, you need more colour to create an awesome drawing right? drag your finger  from the rainbow colour options box to various corners of your phone’s screen. You will find shades black, white, pink, etc.

Save data with travel mode
Snapchat use a huge mount of data, because it loads pictures and videos mostly. To reduces mobile data usage, we can make Snapchat to not load any snaps automatically by using Travel mode. Tap the gear icon or Settings, then go to Manage (Additional Services) and enable Travel Mode. Now, you have to manually tap to load content like snaps or stories.

Use volume button as a trigger button for camera
Sometimes it is difficult to take a selfie while tapping or holding the capture button to take a video. This is like sort of multitasking to take a selfie picture or video. But now Snapchat allows you to use the volume buttons as the trigger or capture button. Press to take a picture, and hold to record a video.

Chat 2.0 is a big game changing with a lot of new features. Here are some features on Chat 2.0 you might didn’t know they are exists.

Send Location on Chat 2.0
Actually now you can send location on chat 2.0, just type an address and it will displays in a card that deep links to the Google or Apple Maps app.

Auto text to Sticker
Snapchat has more than a hundred built in stickers. When you want to put some of it and choose the one fit your current feeling, you dont have to scroll down and looking for the right sticker. Just type a keyword to express your feeling. For example, type “sad” into the chat window and then hit the sticker button (the smiley face on the far right) and some stickers will show up that represent sad feeling.

snapchat hidden feature chat stickerThere are more new features on Chat 2.0, just explore all the new button and you will find out that you can share links with preview, share picture, video. You can even share picture while doing video call.

Well, if you have other Snapchat’s secrets and tricks for iPhone and Android we didn’t know yet, please share with us and your friends too.

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