Snapchat Spectacles Charger

Snap has released Spectacles version 2, but there are few have questions or issues regarding the Snapchat Spectacles charger. Here we will discuss everything about Spectacles Charger, like do spectacles come charged? How long does it take for Snapchat spectacles to charge? How do you check a battery on a spectacle? How to fix Snapchat spectacle case not charging, and how to charge spectacles without a case.

Let’s start with the first question. Do Spectacles come charged? Well, Spectacles do come charged, but maybe not more than 25% so you need to charge it fully before you pair it with your phone. This leads us to the second question: How long does it take or Snapchat spectacles to charge? According to Spectacles support, when fully charged, the case can recharge a pair of Spectacles up to four times. Without the case, it takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge a pair of Spectacles using a wall outlet.

Snapchat Spectacles Charger

Then how to charge Spectacles? There are two ways to charge Snapchat Spectacles. You can charge Spectacles with or without a case. To charge Spectacles with a case, just put your Spectacles in the case until it fully charged. When the Charging Case is fully charged, it can recharge your Spectacles 2 (Original) up to four times. You can also charge Snapchat Spectacles directly without a case, simply plug the Magnetic Charging Cable directly to them and a USB power source.

how to charge Spectacles without a case

When you charged Snapchat Spectacles, you need to know the status of the battery, the next question is how do you check a battery on a Spectacles? To check the charging level of your charging box, press the button. The housing light ring will illuminate to indicate the current charge level. If only a quarter is turned on, then you should charge your case again. Once the battery reaches 100%, your charging case automatically stops charging your Spectacles. It is not necessary to remove it from the case. If you are using Spectacles and want to check a battery on a Spectacles, double tap the side to check the battery level, the LED light will show the battery level.

how do you check a battery on a Spectacles

The last question is how to fix Snapchat Spectacles case not charging? You have charged the Spectacles for a while, but it is not charged at all. First, clean the charging ports on your Spectacles. Dust or debris can interfere the electricity flow and block the charging process. If you do not see any light, leave the cable connected to the Spectacles for at least 20 minutes. The lights of the Spectacles may take a while to turn on. If the charging box does not seem to charge your Spectacles, connrct the charging cable directly to your Spectacles. If they are not charging yet, try another power source or wall outlet. If your Spectacles show no signs of charging after 20 minutes, try a Power Cycle.

In the meantime, those are some of the issues and questions about Snapchat Spectacles Charger, if you still have problems around the Snapchat Spectacles Charger or want to add something, please let us know about it.

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