Snapchat stop selling lenses

Snapchat will stop selling snapchat lenses on Friday (08/01/2016). For those of you who have purchased the lenses that you like, you can still use it after the lenses store is closed. To get one of those Snapchat lenses you have to spend $1, after the store is closed, will they make it for free?

Snapchat lenses is a camera filter that can recognize your face and pimp it up into old face or rainbow puke face. Snapchat acquired this technology from the Ukrainian startup Looksery, this lenses make snapchat superior to other social media in filtering images.

First launched, Snapchat lenses can be used free of charge, all the people going crazy with those rainbow puke face, one of the users’s favorites lenses. However, in november 2015, Snapchat decided to charge for lenses in conjunction with another extra feature, Snapchat replay as one of their business strategy. Then on the last wednesday, Snapchat announced: “This Friday (1/8/16) we will be closing the Lens Store. You can purchase Lenses that you’d like to use again and again before Friday at 12:01AM PT”. Also mentioned that the lenses you have purchased will be able to used even after the Lens Store is closed.

Will Snapchat lenses be available for free?

After the lenses Store in closed, the Snapchat lenses that have been purchased can be reused many times. In order to maintain these features remain exclusive only to those who have spend $1 and make it more special, the paid popular lenses will not be available for free for a while because it will be unfair when today you buy the lenses that you like, and then the next day everyone can use it for free. Snapchat do not want to make you feel was being ripped off. But it is also possible that someday those popular snapchat lenses will be available for free, but only for a moment. In the meantime you can still use up to 10 free lenses everyday.

Snapchat stop selling lenses, will it be available for free

Sponsored lenses

Instead of displaying annoying advertisements that suddenly appears as in the cheap applications, Snapchat will be more focusing on Sponsored Lenses, a brilliant idea in monitizing Snapchat. You can use Sponsored Lenses for free. You can put the overlay filter that contains advertising from brands or movies on theater to your selfie pictures, a user-created advertisement. Brands will pay snapchat to add a logo or advertisement as lenses, and you as creator are promoting them for free.

free snapchat sponsored lensesimage:

If you still want to use your favorites Snapchat lenses, you should buy it immediately before the day was over, because on Friday (08.01.16) You will not be able to buy it again or will not even find it again for a while unless you buy them now.

So share this to your friends immediately that Snapchat will stop selling lenses tomorrow, so they will also able to use it by purchasing them.

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