How to claim Snapchat streak back

Are you a Snapchat user who lost your streak? Let’s find out how to contact Snapchat support to claim Snapchat streak back.

Not a few questions that come to us, why do they lose their streak suddenly, how to restore a streak that suddenly disappears?

It’s not easy to build a Snapchat Streak with your friends. Snapchat users will certainly be disappointed and upset if one morning they suddenly lose their streak, even though the night before the streak is still there.

Claim your Snapchat Streak back

You can submit a claim to Snapchat support to restore your lost streak. Make sure that you and your friends must both Snap (not Chat) each other at least every 24 hours.

  • Go to Snapchat’s contact page:
  • Select My Snapstreaks disappeared.
  • You will be asked to fill in a form that contains a username, email address, mobile phone number, device (brand, model, and model series), Friend’s username (limit 1 per submission).
  • You are also asked to tell Snapchat support, since when your streak disappeared, how long was your Snapstreak before it expired, and did you see the sand timer icon?
  • Finally, you are given the opportunity to explain in detail how your streak disappears. Make sure to convince Snapchat support that you are entitled to get your Streak back

So that’s how to contact Snapchat support for the Snapchat Streak back claim. Good luck.

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