Snapchat update: Record up to 60 seconds video and Tint Brush

How to make Snapchat videos longer, you can record video with longer duration up to 60 seconds. Other unique feature is Tint Brush, let’s find out how to use them. Snap’s Snapchat continues to develop their application to face the fight against instagram and facebook. Therefore, Snapchat released some new features in a minor update announced on Tuesday: the ability to record video with up to 1 minute duration, and Tint Brush.

It looks like Snapchat must continue to innovate and provide new features to attract those who have switched to instagram after the app plagiarized some of Snapchat’s best features: Stories and face filters.

Previously Snapchat released Snap Map, an excelllent feature that allows you to view stories from other snapchatters based on their location. This week they provide another update that one of them has been coveted by the users. In this update Snapchat allows you to record videos with a duration of more than 10 seconds.

How to record up to 60 seconds video on Snapchat

The update available for iOS users, it is not known when Snapchat will release it for Android as well, but surely Android users do not have to wait too long to be able to get this update. If you are using iOS or iPhone, you should update your Snapchat app to the latest version. Go to App Store to get it.

To record a long duration video on Snapchat, you just need to record as usual. When it’s reach 10 seconds, just continue to record. It will record another video clip.

how to record more than 10 seconds video on Snapchat

Every 10 seconds, the app will create a thumbnail at the buttom of the screen. You can send this video to Stories or your friends separately or in sequence. You can also select and delete the videos you have recorded.

How to use Tint Brush on Snapchat

Another feature in this update is the Tint Brush. You can add other colors to any object you have taken in Snapchat. After taking a picture on Snapchat, then select the tool from the app’s vertical tool kit. (You’ll find it under the scissors icon.)

Choose the color you like then trace around the object you want to tint. You can use this tool to change the color of your hair, may help you to determine the color that suits your hair or face.

So that’s the latest update from Snapchat that allows you to record video for more than 10 seconds and use Tint Brush. Make sure your friends also get this new update by telling them about it.

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