Snapchat username ideas

Snapchat is a social media application or a chat app that is used by many people, especially teenagers, not a few Hollywood celebrities use snapchat. Like any other social media applications, social rank is determined by the number of friends who are connected. Below are tips to guide you to get snapchat username ideas.

Snapchat username ideas

Snapchat username ideas

Use a relevant name.
Snapchat username should be relevant to your name, otherwise you could be mistaken for a spammer. By using a name that is relevant, others can find your profile easily. If your snapchat username much different from your real name, it will make others difficult to find you. But if your name was already in use people, at least use your actual photo as your avatar so your friends will know that it’s you.

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Avoid using numbers.
Using the numbers after the username is fine, but not everyone can remember the numbers well. In addition you will also be difficult to recognize in snapchat if it turns out that you use the same username with others, just different in the numbers. For example: dew75 and dew90. Another person gets confused which one of your snapchat account. But there’s no harm can also put the number if desired username was already taken. Be creative, for example d3wdew.

Make it short.
The shorter the more easily people call and snap you. Moreover, try to choose a snapchat username as short as possible.

Choose a name that is unique in other ways in order to attract the attention of your account and obtrusive. The more unique your snapchat username then it will be easier to find.

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Easy to remember.
Snapchat username should be easy to remember. If it is difficult to remember other people have to search first on search engines or on websites just to find your snapchat username.

Do not use the bot name.
Bot accounts are usually accompanied by a space or confusing symbols. Therefore, avoid wearing a numeric character or characters that are not necessary. Choose your username reasonable in order not to be mistaken bots or spammers.

With this username ideas above, you will get a username that is memorable, unique, and attract people to add you as a friend. Be creative, and make some new friends with snapchat

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