Snapchat voice commands filters

Now you can use Snapchat filters by using voice commands. Snapchat released several lenses or filters that respond to voice commands. Let ‘s find out how to use them.

Instead of choosing filters by sliding your screen, you can put some Snapchat filters just by yelling at your phone screen. Snapchat releases a number of filters that will be animate when you says certain words. Snapchat has already provided filters or lenses that involve audio, but this is the first time they released filters that can recognize words from the sounds spoken by their users.

How to use Snapchat voice command filters

  • To get all the latest updates including voice commands filters, you have to update your Snapchat app to the latest version. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get the update once it is available.
  • The lenses will prompt users how to trigger the animation. There are several words that you can say like “hi,” “love,” “yes,” “no,” and “wow”.
  • Launch your Snapchat app and use the camera screen. You have to shout the words clearly.
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Here are some words and filters that appear that we have collected from various sources, because for now not everyone gets the same voice commands filters.

How to use Snapchat voice command filters

  • Hi : your screen will surrounds with a flock of chatty birds animation.
  • Love: play cheesy jazz music
  • Yes: creates a zoom effect
  • NO: puts you in an infinite photo tunnel
  • Wow: puts a bow on your head and surrounds you with the word.
  • Okay: a little cat paw pops up making the okay symbol.

In some cases, you may have to shout a little so that the app can hear the word you say. Maybe it would be cool if Snapchat could recognize a special sentence like: “Hi, put some rainbow filters” or something like that. The voice commands filters may be used when you are alone in the room, unless you want to be the center of attention when taking a selfie while saying some random words on the street.

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According to techcrunch, Snapchat says it will begin to make around five to six of these new lenses available to users within the next week. They’ll appear periodically in the Lens carousel along with the others, starting August 1st.

Snapchat proves that they are always at the forefront of augmented reality filters. Snapchat is a pioneer in filters or lenses technology. They always make new innovations that take advantage of camera technology and augmented reality in new ways.

Maybe Snapchat is not as popular as other applications, but Snapchat has the most users among young people like you. So keep using the Snapchat app, look forward to other cool updates, and don’t forget to let your friends know how to use Snapchat voice commands filters.

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