Snapchat’s usage beat instagram in the last 6 months

Based on research from Jefferies, the usage of Snapchat rises faster and bigger beats instagram in the last 6 months, and it’s popular among adults.

When first released, Snapchat popular among teenagers. It is now known that the folks at the age of 30s and 40s also spend more time using Snapchat app. Snapchat’s usage of daily active user is the time spent by a person to use Snapchat app in a 24-hour-period.

Snapchat usage beat instagram in the last 6 months

Based on this research, a quarter of adults aged 35-44 reported that they were, over the last six months more frequent in using Snapchat and instagram. Some of the correspondent, 19% of them admitted that they were more likely to use Snapchat only.

“When asked ‘In the last 6 months, have you increased your usage of either of these apps:’ 23% of respondents aged 25-34 chose both Snapchat & Instagram, 19% chose only Snapchat, and 14% chose Instagram. For those aged 35-44, results were similar with 25% choosing both, 19% choosing Snapchat, and only 13% choosing Instagram,” Brian Fitzgerald, an analyst from Jefferies wrote.

This is good news for Snap’s business, because the older Snapchatters expected to have more money to spend in using Snapchat. The increase of daily usage of a more varied demographic users making Snapchat app look more attractive to advertisers. Jefferies analyst Brian Fitzgerald wrote. Now that Snap is a public company, perhaps adults take it more seriously.


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