Snapkidz: a safe snapchat app for kids

Many parents are worried, is snapchat okay for kids, is snapchat appropriate for kids. Then my answer is NO, do not ever let your kids sign up on snapchat without your supervision. However snapchat can still be used for your child if you are there for them when signing up. Snapkidz is the official application of snapchat intended for children under the age of 13 years.

Snapchat is an application that allows us to send pictures or short video that is accompanied by a caption, filter, or a simple drawing. Messages that sent via snapchat will disappear by itself after being read by the recipient of the message. Many adults then take advantage of this feature to sexting, even some time ago there was a case of pedophile posing as girl to deceive boys to send indecent pictures. Maturity is necessary to take responsibility and consider whether what you will actually post for others to see is appropriate. Indeed, the message that sent will disappear by itself, but you can still take pictures with screenshots.

Snapkidz is the solution for your children to still be able to use snapchat safely, you do not need to be afraid that your child will publish selfies they take, or communicate with freaks out there, this is what makes Snapkidz different with Snapchat.

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How to sign up on Snapkidz instead of Snapchat

Snapchat only allow their applications used by those aged over 13 years old, it is on the terms and conditions, so clearly children can not use Snapchat. As an alternative, then Snapchat released Snapkidz. To sign up on Snapkidz, you must first install Snapchat whether for iOS or Android devices, indeed the same application that adults use.

The next step you need to accompany your child in doing this, to avoid cheat or deceit. When you sign up for snapchat and enter a date of birth, if it turns out that included age less than 13 years, the application will automatically be redirected to Snapkidz version. Of course, children can still lie to submit older years of birth, and therefore you should accompany them to enter the actual date of birth.

How to use snapkidz: snapchat sign up for kids under 13image:

To protect the children, snapchat not keep their personal data on the server. Children’s personal data will only be stored on their smartphone or tablet. Then what is the difference Snapkidz with snapchat? Kids can use the photography feature and add captions or drawing, but the images they create are stored only in local storage media, not uploaded anywhere, they also can not add or communicate with friends or strangers.

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If it turns out you find that your child that is still under 13 years old have used snapchat by falsifying the date of birth, you can request to snapchat to delete the account, just the make sure you know the username and password.

Of course you can not supervise your child all the time, and the children of today are very clever in finding information or even fool you, the main security for your kids to explore the world of the internet is to give detailed knowledge about the ethics and what people can do on the internet , so the children will be able to determine for themselves whether it is good or bad to do.

I hope you find this useful, share to other parents so they will also get to know how to set up Snapkidz for their childrens and no worry to let them use it.

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  1. Is snapkidz still available? I just tried it out for my daughter and it says sorry not eligible , it doesn’t offer me snapkidz.

  2. what happened to snapkidz? when i put my real age in and try to sign up it just says “sorry. you’re not edgidable” how do you make it redirect to snapkidz?

  3. Snapkidz is not working for me. I just tried to sign up and put my date of birth in (I am under 13) and it said that I am not eligible for snapchat! Why is this?


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