Sneak peek of Apple Park through Snapchat Stories

Thanks to Snapchat Stories and Snap Map feature, because of it you can get a peek into Apple Park. The construction workers post some pictures and short videos on Snapchat Stories and it is discoverable via Snap Map so you do not have to wait until the grand opening to see what’s inside Apple’s new spaceship campus.

Some time ago, Snapchat released Snap Map and Story Search feature that allows you to search stories based on specific locations or keywords. With this feature, you can find out what is happening in an event or a specific location that is marked with a heat on the Snap Map.

Sneak peek of Apple Park through Snapchat StoriesApple Park’s exterior

The construction workers of Apple Park seem to use Snapchat to share their work environment, and this publication is not officially issued by Apple, maybe after this they will ban the construction workers to publish anything about what are they working on.

To see the Stories from Apple Park, you can go to Snapchat and type “Apple Park” on the search bar, it will show all the photos and videos from that location. SInce Snapchat Stories only lasts for 24 hours, so you better be hurry. If the construction workers keep updating, you will probably always get a recent sneak peek from the inside of Apple Park. The images capture everything from views of the outside of the main building to the bathrooms.

The iPhone maker is currently finishing touches on their futuristic 150-acre campus building that costing $ 5 billion named Apple Park. The campus building will be used by employees who have started moving in around April, but the campus is not finished yet, and there is still major landscaping and other construction work going on. Thanks to Snapchat, you can look into this building through the Stories from the workers.



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