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How to Make Snapchat Face Swap Lens 3

Snapchat Face Swap Lens

A new Snapchat lens has arrived, it is face swap lens filter. You can swap your face with your friend, animal, your pet, or anything that has a face which is gonna be creepy,...

Snapchat stop selling lenses, will it be available for free 0

Snapchat stop selling lenses

Snapchat will stop selling snapchat lenses on Friday (08/01/2016). For those of you who have purchased the lenses that you like, you can still use it after the lenses store is closed. To get...

How to Get Rainbow on Snapchat 18

Snapchat rainbow mouth lense

Bored with snapchat filters? in the latest update of snapchat app, they add lenses lenses freature to make your selfie pictures become more bizarre than usual. Since snapchat is an application which allows you...