Unfortunately Snapchat has Stopped

Find out how to fix unfortunately Snapchat has stopped on Android device. Clear cache and reinstall is not work, i don’t know why everyone suggest to do this, here is the only solution for this problem.

This error could happen to any apps, not just Snapchat. The bugs is not on the Snapchat app, but it could be also a human error or android itself. Everything was just fine until you update your Snapchat app, then you can not open it, it says unfortunately Snapchat has stopped. You try to reboot but nothing change, the message keep show up and then Snapchat failed to launched.

How to fix unfortunately Snapchat has stopped

Some people suggest to fix it by clear the cache, clear data, uninstall and install it again, reboot, but no one of them is work. Here is the only solution you can do.

How to fix unfortunately Snapchat has stopped

The cause of this problem based on my experience is, when i am updating the app, i cancel it in the middle of the process. Soon after that, i got that annoying message Unfortunately Snapchat has stopped every time i try to launch it. The app could be broken or corrupt and we have to reinstall it, but install for Google Play is not working, it keep crashing again, so we will install the older version of Snapchat app. I am using Snapchat APK (Updated: December 18, 2015) which is work for me.

First, uninstall your Snapchat app if you are already install it, then download Snapchat APK, you can find it on websites like apk4fun that provides the earlier version of Android apps, including Snapchat.

Simply tap on the file to install it, scroll down until the bottom, and then tap install:

how to fix unfortunately snapchat has stopped error

Wait until the install is done, it may takes saveral minutes, when it’s done, tap Open to launch the app. Try to log in and view some stories or sending snaps to make sure it’s not stopped again.

solved fix unfortunately Snapchat has stopped

The last thing to be noted is, don’t try to update your Snapchat app from Google Play, because it will crush again just like before, i try it myself. To get the latest version you have to install it from the APK file.

If you still can not fix “unfortunately Snapchat has stopped on Android”, please let us know about it, and do not forget to share it if it’s work.

10 thoughts on “Unfortunately Snapchat has Stopped”

  1. Thnx dude! It really worked..i tried v 9.28 but it also didnt worked…finally tried v 9.20 and boom! Its working… But hurts it is a lower version but does the job..! This same problem happening for my play music also …cn u suggest a fix? Im running on android one..lollipop*

  2. For some reason I can’t see the info but everyone says it works so can someone type the steps in a comment for me? Thanks:)

    • try to downgrade the app to the oldest version which used to work with your phone, you can get the older Snapchat apk file from apkmirror


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