Update Snapchat for iPhone and Android

Many of the latest features released by Snapchat in each of the newest update, you may be wondering why your snapchat app can not do reply to stories, apply snapchat lenses, etc. For those of you who do not organize apps update automatically, sometimes you ignoring and then forgot to update your snapchat app. You should update your snapchat to the latest version in order to be able to perform those new features.

The following steps are only work if you have installed snapchat through app store for iOS and iPhone users, and for Android users, you can only do this if you have installed snapchat from Google Play Store, not from the apk file.

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How to update snapchat on iPhone and android

For iPhone and other iOS’s devices, open the App Store and go to “Updates'” section, if you found out snapchat there, it means there is a new version avaliable, simply tap on update button.

How to update snapchat on iPhone and Androidimage: pcadvisor.co.uk

For Android users, make sure you are already connected to the internet, and then open Google Play Store, go to “My apps & games”. If there is a latest version of snapchat avaliable, it will show up there along with “Update” button, hit it to download and install the updates.

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If you have updated for snapchat app but still can’t find some features such as lense filter or replay, please note that some features in snapchat are not enabled by default, so make sure beforehand that you have had these features after the update by check it on the “Settings”.

After you finished the updates for snapchat whether on iPhone or Android, you can enjoy the latest features. Please like and share to your friends if your snapchat is successfully updated, of leave the comment if you have some trouble on it.

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  1. Hey guys how is going man. It’s a month now I can’t log in to my snap account, any try to log in its say could not connect. I need some assistance any possibility to getting back my account, cuz I don’t wanna lost this account thanks

  2. Hi ,you know how when you click on “add friends” peoples names come up at the bottom of the screen if they havever a friend that you are friends with.they are know longer showing up for me


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