Venom Snapchat AR Filter

Find out how to use Venom Snapchat augmented-reality lens or filter. To celebrate the movie “Venom” that currently playing in theaters, Sony Pictures bought a sponsored Snapchat augmented-reality lens or filter for the main character, Venom. Turn yourself into Venom using this Snapchat AR filter.

One of Eminem’s songs also complements Snapchat Venom Lens. So when you record videos using Snapchat Venom Lens, you will hear Eminem’s songs as sound background. Snapchat Venom Lens was launched on Thursday and is available in countries outside the United States. Snapchat users in the United States have access to the AR “Venom” lens starting at midnight local time on Friday.

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Sony Pictures uses the Snapchat lens or filters as part of a marketing strategy to attract Marvel fans to go to the cinema to watch “Venom” that is widely released on October 5.

According to Snap, about 70 million Snapchat users use AR lenses in their daily applications, an average of 3 minutes per user. The company started selling sponsored lenses at the end of 2015.

How to get and use Venom Snapchat AR Lens or Filter

  • Update your Snapchat app to the latest version. Go to Google Play Store or App Store to get the update
  • Scan the QR Code below using your Snapchat app to get the Venom Lens.
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how to use snapchat venom filter

  • Use the front facing camera and tap the screen to load the lenses.
  • Select Venom Lens.
  • You an tap the Venom icon to toggle between changing your voice to sound like the symbiote or playing the Eminem track.

That’s it, pretty cool right? Let your friends know about Snapchat Venom Filter. You can share the video to your friends or posted as part of a Snapchat Story.


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