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Normally you can see Snapchat story only for 24 hours and then they will be erased, is it possible to save your Snapchat stories and then see them again after some time? yes it is possible, but do not use Snapchat app itself, we will show you how to replay your Snapchat stories online from the last 30 days.

Up until now Snapchat not provide a feature to save our own snap, you can just take a screenshot to save snap, then what about the short video snaps? if your android is not rooted, it is very difficult to record what is playing on Snapchat. We were expecting something like Line’s keep where we can keep the existing content on Snapchat. The solution comes from third party app, you can use this app to save your Snapchat stories for a month.

How to view Snapchat Stories online from the last month

It is called Snap Memories, this app will save your Snapchat stories, bundle it and send to you via email. First you have to sign up with your email, and then follow mysnapchatmemories0 on Snapchat so Snap Memories will be able to save your stories every time you create one. Every month, Snap Memories will sending you an email that contains a recap of what you post for the past month in Snapchat Stories.

Snap Memories created by the same developers who made peek app, another third party app that helps us find Snapchat accounts of famous people and clustering them by category.

How to view snapchat stories online from the last month

Snap Memories can only be used to store your own Snapchat stories, sorry creeps you can not creeping on your crush’s Snapchat Stories with this. But who knows, let’s just wait for some genius creep out there who could make such an application.

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