What do the smiley faces on snapchat mean

What Does a Smiley Face Emoji Mean on Snapchat Best FriendsWhat do the smiley faces on snapchat mean

Snapchat releaseing updates that comes up with emoji. These smileys will show up next to your friends’s picture.

One of the most popular emoji is the smiley face, everyone wondering what it means, why it appear next to your friend’s profile picture. While using it after install the updates, we finally figure it out what it means and conclude that The Smiley faces on snapchat means that this friend of you (the smiley face show up on the picture) is one of your best friends or one of the people you send the most snaps to.

So if you are an active snapchat user and keep sending snaps to everyone, it is possible that almost everyone on your friendlist will have smiley face on them, that is what do the smiley faces on snapchat means.

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