What does clear cache on Snapchat mean

When go down to the Snapchat app’s settings and find a feature called Clear Cache which there are still other options such as Clear Stories Cache, Clear Browser Cache, Clear Memories Cache, and Clear Lens Cache, You may be wondering What does this Clear Cache on Snapchat mean? Before you decide to clear cache, you should know what will happen if you clearing your Snapchat app cache from Settings. Does clearing cache on snapchat delete memories? If yes, then that would be the action you most regret.

Clearing Cache is usually done on your Android app when your phone starts running so slow. Clear Cache on android is done to remove some unused data to free up some space in your phone’s memories to boost up your phone’s performance. What about Clear Cache on Snapchat?

What does Clear Cache (Stories Cache, Discover Cache, Lens Cache, Browser Cache, Memories Cache) means on Snapchat?

what does clear cache mean on snapchat

As you can see, the app explains that by clearing cache, your Snapchat app will run faster and it will free up some space on your phone.

  • Clear Stories Cache mean this clears Story thumbnails, Stories you have recently watched, and other temporary date stored on your device. If you are a person who does not watch the same Stories over and over again, then you need to do this.
  • Clear Discover Cache mean this clears Discover content you have recently loaded or viewed, and other temporary data stored on your phone. When you watch a discover’s channel, it will be temporarily stored on your device. By clearing the Discover Cache, the stored data will be erased.
  • Clear Lens Cache mean this clears Lenses you have loaded and other temporary data stored on your device. If your Snapchat app is running slow after playing around using some filters or lenses, you may need to clear this type of cache. But the risk is when you want to use your favorite lens or filter again, it will take time to load again after you delete the cache.
  • Clear Memories Cache mean this clears most Memories content stored locally on your device. Your Memories backup won’t be deleted. So do not worry, Memories that will be deleted after clearing this cache are stored in your camera roll. Your Memories stored on the cloud can still be accessed. That’s what happens when you clear your Memories Cache on Snapchat.

So that’s what will happen if you clear cache on Snapchat. You can erase all by selecting “Clear All”, or you can choose which cache you want to clear and keep the others. Keep in mind that clearing cache will not delete a snap you sent to someone, i’m sorry but that can not be undone.


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