What does pending mean on snapchat

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  1. Nicolle says:

    How do u fix it

  2. Pink says:

    But it happened to me with a celebrate (kylie jenner) what to do?

  3. James says:

    If they deleted me and I still receive snaps will it notify them if I screenshot them

  4. What does it mean when ur friends name is red does it mean they friended u back or when ur friends name is purple someone plz explain

    • Deeznuttynuys says:

      Red means you’ve sent or received a snap chat and purple means you’ve sent or received a video and blue means they wrote a comment

  5. Anon says:

    How to fix it when you are friends, and added each other and didn’t block each other or anything, have a good internet connection and it still says pending? Because that’s what happened with me and a friend

    • admin says:

      maybe it’s something wrong with snapchat’s server and it’s not responding the request

    • Chara says:

      The same thing happened to me. My mom can’t send me snaps and I can’t send her snaps even though we’ve both added each other as friends. It doesn’t say she added me but she did. Neither of us are blocking each other, our connection is fine, everything should be working but we can’t send anything to eachother!

    • LCS says:

      I got a new phone. I got my other friends back but one of my daughter’s and I can’t get pending to stop. We both accepted each other.

  6. paul says:

    This was really good. Well done. We’re all proud of you. Thanks. Bless you

  7. Shubham says:

    Can the one who has not accepted our friend request can see the pending story???

  8. tom says:

    The same happened to me, I feel like I’m the only one it’s happened to because it’s never happened to anyone else before. Me and a friend snap chatted fine for months then suddenly one day it says pending when I go to reply and instantly I text them saying have u deleted me and they asked me if I had deleted them tbecause he same came up for them, nobody’s removed anyone or blocked anyone and we’ve tried removing and adding each other back and no requests come through. Please help this has been going on for about a week now and it’s very frustrating

  9. liyah says:

    so if the person unfriended me why can I still see their snap story? I sent a snap to someone and it said pending but I can still see their snap story every time they update it; what does that mean?

  10. Mel says:

    Glad I’m not the only one experiencin this

  11. Ashley says:

    I blocked a friend and then unblocked them . I noticed they sent me another friend request and I accepted it . Why can’t I see their story or send them private messages anymore ?

  12. shifty says:

    If the grey icon is on my page,does it mean that the person has not sent or I have not sent?

  13. Waido says:

    My first snap just said sending, the second one said failed to send and then I logged out and sent another one and it worked. Later, I sent a chat and it didn’t send… what does this mean?

  14. Anon says:

    So I’ve been talking to this person on snapchat, the person put up a story and I asked them about it. Then after a while I went back into snapchat and the story disappeared and when I press on the name it doesn’t show the score. The person is still in my friends list but I can’t see anything. I asked a friend who’s got this person on snapchat if the story is still up and they said yes. Does this mean the person deleted me?

  15. Who cares says:

    They probably put custom nd put u on one of the ppl to not see their story

  16. Kim T says:

    If I send a snapchat to someone that unfriended me, and that snapchat is still pending. Would it ever disappear?

  17. may ann says:

    hi, i know that my friend has blocked me so i send messages it usually shows pending..i check back after a few hours, it will show opened..then i send a msg again, it shows cannot accept your chat..what does that mean howcome it shows pending then opened?

    • admin says:

      isn’t it obvious, you are blocked, well there is a lot of possibility, maybe your friend are curious, then unblocking for a while to read the message, and then your friend decide you block or unfriended you again, but this is just my theory, we all know that snapchat is still full of mystery

  18. Wittaya says:

    Help me please. Yesterday I send a message to someone but the message couldn’t be sent. I thought he deleted me from his contact. But today when I open my snapchat, I saw him on the list “Added me”. I add him again and send him a message but it shows me “pending”. I don’t understand why. He didn’t delete me. If he blocked me, I won’t see him on the contact neither can’t search his name but why I can’t send him a message? My connection is good. Did he log out? Or he did something else? Who can explains me, please?

  19. Jade says:

    Me and my partner have been trying to reads each other and no requests are coming through what advise can you give us ?

  20. Diane says:

    My always says tap to rerty and I don’t know what to do

    • admin says:

      maybe there is a problem with your internet connection, are you able to use another app that require internet connection?

      • morgan says:

        I have a problem. My sister can send me snaps and I can view them, however when I send her snaps it says pending. I can see her story and she sees mine, but everytime I try to send a snap to her, it says pending. Whats going on? It worked fine for months then all of a sudden, it started doing this a few weeks ago. & shes the only one it does this to. Could it be because I talk to her the most? It’s so frustrating!

        • admin says:

          hi morgan, thanks for the question
          have you try to reinstall your snapchat app, i’am afraid you and your sister are running on the different version of snapchat app, by reinstall, you will get the latest version

          and then make sure that your sister are not blocking you on snapchat

  21. Layla says:

    What does it mean when you send a picture or a chat to someone and then it goes to the opened blue… dialogue box? Even though they haven’t snapped you back and it downs show the snap you sent them opened or even the snap itself ? It shows the opened blue… dialogue box with the date of the last time you spoke to that person on messenger chat

  22. Ronald says:

    What if I can still see their story and this is still happening?

  23. Ellen says:

    So I have this friend that I can’t send a message off his picture in the story, what does this mean, but I used to , what happened

  24. ati says:

    hey , I have a serious problem I had sent a picture to a celebrity and it said It’s still pending I want it to make it stop , how can I ? I don’t want it to be seen ? or be sent , what should I do ? should I block this person?

  25. Michael says:

    But it shows us as a friend but it still wobt let me send it. I dont understand. Ive tried everytging already. Even deleting the app.

  26. me says:

    Maybe youve added them but they havent added you back?

  27. Heyy =) says:

    About yesterday, i posted a snap on my snap story and my mate seen it and next couple hours I’ve posted other snap on my story my mate never see it.. I have clocked that my mate have blocked me or not because i still got him as a 1st best friend i have sent him a private snap, it says pending… So someone tell me whats going on???

  28. Skye says:

    If I send a picture to someone via chat can they still see my picture if pending friend request ?

  29. Velvet says:

    i got blocked on snapchat i send a message but it says he wont be able to read your message is there a possibility that he will read it, just in case he unblocked me?

  30. Joe says:

    Hi I am looking for information about snapchat instant messenger. If I deleted the snapchat app, then redown load the app a few days later, and logged in, would the instant messages that I received while the app was deleted be sent to me? Also, what would be the time stamp on the message? Would the time stamp show when the other user actually sent the instant message or would it reflect from the date that I actually re downloaded and logged into the app. Thank you for your assistance.

  31. Anna says:

    I have a question. I had a bf who broke up with me and the last chat message I sent him he had opened. It was an opened blue arrow. It went grey ever since and has said “pending April 11”. Now today it says “opened April 11” and the arrow is blue. Does this mean he’s added me back??

  32. Keenan says:

    I just became friends with someone, haven’t sent them a snap yet nor have I received one. The icon is a grey outline chat bubble

  33. Mel says:

    I have a friend on snapchat and when I send a snap it says pending. I know that means they probably deleted me but for whatever reason I can see their new stories. Why is that happening?

  34. Saurish says:

    If someone did not add us as friend, can he see message sent by us

  35. Nobody gives a FACK says:

    If I sent a message chat thing on snapchat to somebody that I friended and hasn’t friended me back yet, how do I delete this chat

  36. Bonni says:

    what if its a popular person..like a celebrity??

  37. Gladys Reed says:

    I can’t download it keep saying pending help

  38. Amri says:

    Hey I used to be friends with someone on snapchat and one day I stopped receiving their snaps and found that on the contacts list it says that they’re pending. We both haven’t deleted each other and even though I cancel the request and resend it none of us receive any new requests and can’t accept each other as friends again?

    • admin says:

      maybe one of you accidentally blocked each other, go to the settings, then scroll down to ‘Account Actions’ and tap ‘Blocked’.
      You should see a list of Snapchatters who are currently blocked. Simply tap the X next to their name to unblock them.

  39. Bhella says:

    It says your chats are pending until he adds you as a friend but still he’s in my contact and my friend list. What does it mean?

  40. Mandy says:

    So I added someone on snapchat and they never added me back. But somehow, we’ve still been able to snapchat eachother for the past 3 weeks. Finally today i sent him a snapchat and it showed up as pending. I thought he removed me but he never added me in the first place. So why is it showing up as pending?

  41. Misty says:

    I had a snapchat that was pending for quite a while and then it said it was delivered, but it wasn’t opened. Did the person really receive the snapchat, or did the pending request just time out and not actually go through?

  42. Kirsten says:


  43. Mahan says:

    When I send a chat it shows Gray arrow than it becomes blue but again that becomes Gray. Y?

  44. SGGjoel says:

    I have someone marked as “best friend” on my friends list and when I search her username it says “added” next to it but my snaps are still pending. Does this mean that my internet is the problem?

  45. anni says:

    if i send a friend request to a celebrity and sending messages but in my friend list it is showing pending with grey arrow, my chat box also showing “your chats will be pending till xyz adds you as a friend”, m able to see his stories but don’t know is he also able to see mine? becoz no such indications from “my eye” option, i also what to know is he receiving my all chat messages? if yes then how he will receive my messages being not a friend of him? or am just sending messages to him and he is not receiving or looking them….. thanks in advance for your reply..

  46. Karla Quizaman says:

    So this person deleted me and it use to say pending but now it shows the last message I sent him. I still have them on my friend list, but I’m really sure they never added me back on their half.

  47. Dalton says:

    Earlier i had just viewed my friends story and she asked for someone to talk to. So I decided to send a snapchat to her but when i did it said pending

  48. Theresa says:

    I have had a pending snap on my story for a few weeks now and I’m still able to post but the pending snap won’t go away. I would like to click on my story to view my whole story but it won’t let me because it won’t load. I just want to get rid of it and I don’t know what to do

  49. Jaz says:

    So I’ve had a friend on snapchat for a couple years now, but just recently when I sent a snap, it says pending and I go on the convo and it says, this person won’t recieve ur snap until he adds u as a friend. But it still says we r friends, so wut does that mean?? Could he have deleted that account? Or could of something happened with snapchat?

  50. SoSo says:

    I am trying to send a snapchat to someone and that person said that they have not blocked or unfriended me on snapchat and I have not done the same to them. They are trying to send pending snaps and I am trying to send pending snaps. Fix this problem, it isn’t fair that we have to go thru all this bs.

  51. Maria says:

    Hi plz guide me my bf is lil upset with me so I wanted to connect with him on snap chat therefore I send him msg but this app only shows pending in screen I also don’t know even he installed this app before so how do I know that he already install snap chat and does not accept my req

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