What does the smirk emoji mean on snapchat

What it feels if you know that some people are keep sending you snaps, but you oftenly or never snaps them back. Smirk face represent this kind of situation. This emoticon will show up on your contact list along with smiley face, yellow heart, and fire emoticon featured on the latest update of snapchat.

What does the smirk emoji mean on snapchat?

What does the smirk emoji mean on snapchat

Smirk face looks kind of annoying guy, yeah that is you if you had this emoticon on your contact list. What the hell is that mean, and why the smirk emoji show up next to your friend’s username? Smirk face emoji on snapchat means that you are the best friend of the person who had this emoji on your snapchat’s friends list, but they are not your best friends. They keep sending you snaps but you always ignore them, you must feel sorry for that.

But sometimes it does not matter whether you consider them your best friend or not, just like what spongebob done to Squidward. SpongeBob is always considered Squidward as a good friend, but Squidward only considers Spongebob as nosy nuisance. True love does not expect a reply, to become your best friend any of these people have been happy even if you do not consider their existence, but it would be better if you snap them back.

Do you have a smirk emoji on your snapchat? hopefully after you find out what does the smirk emoji mean on snapchat, you will more respect them.

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