When you delete someone on snapchat

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  1. Houaoi says:

    If I delete someone on snapchat and then re-add them can I see the snaps they tried to send me when they were deleted

  2. Tatiana says:

    I deleted someone and added them back like 3 times an I still can’t see their snaps.. Why is that

  3. Stephanie says:

    I deleted someone and they’re name is still in my snapchat…Does that mean they haven’t deleted me yet???

    • Joey says:

      It means that you didn’t delete them. If they haven’t seen your snaps it’s likely that they’re deleted. Now, if they deleted you then you just have to press their name in chats and it will appear add friend. That means either one deleted either one. If you can still contact or see snaps remember you can set your profile to let anyone contact you or see your snaps. You can also only let your friends to see them, and you can even customize to let some see it and others not.

      • Myleen says:

        I deleted someone on snapchat and my privacy setting is set to everyone. that person is still watching my snaps does my story still pop up on their page even though ideal eyed them or are they typing in my name to watch it ??

    • Olivia says:

      I’ve deleted someone off my snapchat and they keep reappearing on my sent list even though I haven’t sent them anything and have clearing the conversation.

  4. Catie says:

    I had my privacy settings set to “friends only” but just changed it to “everyone” and right after, I received snapchats from my ex-boyfriend (lol). Were these ones that he tried to send me while I was on private, and now they were just delivered because I changed my privacy settings? Do you know anything about this?

  5. Jamie says:

    if i can’t see a story that i opened within 24 hours does that mean they deleted me?

  6. Cris says:

    What does it mean if I deleted someone and then a while later on the “added me” tab it says so and so “added you back”?
    did they really or is it just snapchat saying they did?

  7. Ofel says:

    I added someone by mistake and deleted him 2 secondes after it – did he got notified for the add?

  8. karyn says:

    Hi. If i set my snapchat to public . will i show up on ther newsfeed since i went public ?because as soon as i went public i seen that someone i deleted in the past had seen my story right wen i went public . i cant seem to find this answer anywhere thank u .

  9. Jen says:

    I’m not sure if someone either blocked me or removed me on snap chat. They were removed from my friends list. however their username still in my snap history. When attempting to add them, it allowed me to re add them. Will they receive notification that I’ve added them? I also sent a snap with the msg “delivered”. Will they receive the snap?

    • admin says:

      just like when you have someone added you, did you get the notification? “delivered” means they received the message, but not open it yet.

  10. Skylar says:

    My question is I have too many friends on snapchat but I been trying to add new people but I’m getting ready to delete some of my friends, but I wanna know once I remove them from MY stories will they still be able to watch my stories, I don’t mind I just wanna add new people also my page is set for everyone to see that’s what I prefer

    • admin says:

      “He or she will not be able to view your snapchat story, unless you set it to the public, so anyone who is not your friend can see your snapchat story.”

  11. Kev says:

    If I sent a snap to the wrong person and I deleted and re added them to my friends list, would they still get it ??

  12. Jennifer says:

    I had been sending personal snaps to an ex like you know videos and pictures. I deleted him and this was through snap message. he texted me and said he has my picture and videos . but I ended up deleting him but when I type he’s name on the search engine it said added me. Does that me I’m still on there friends list and that he still has the messages I sent him .

  13. isabel reyes says:

    I “removed” friends, and I have the option of “adding” them back when I look at my contact list of phone numbers. I removed them assuming they would not be able to see my stories, and they still can! Why?! I didn’t necessarily want to block them, instead just ‘remove’ them, my settings are public, but how do people know to look for you and the story, I’m confused as to the public option. Please help.

    • admin says:

      you set your profile public, that’s why they are able to view your stories, set your profile to private

  14. isabel reyes says:

    Also, what does it mean when you cannot see someone’s snap score, I have a few friends that have no score, most of them do though. I have noticed famous people have no score when I look at their profile. Does this mean that they have not added me as a ‘friend’ but I have added them? I’m confused.

  15. sashared says:

    If I sent a snap and then right after blocked the person , Can they still see my last snap message to them?

  16. Hayley says:

    So I went through and deleted a bunch of people out of my boyfriends friends list because he told me I could but 10 minutes later all of the people I deleted were back? So I deleted them again and he still is somehow getting them all back like right after I delete them? How is he doing this?

  17. Jalen Jones says:

    I un-friended my ex-girlfriend but I have my settings set to public on messages and who can watch my story, but I was wondering if she could still chat with me bc of that and my snap conversation got deleted for some reason and I didn’t delete it and I also would like to know if she were to type in my name on her chat screen would it show up since I’m still here friend

  18. Shaunisms says:

    I deleted a friend from my friendslist on snap chat, i can no longer view her stories.

    I noticed when searching her name it lists her as “Added Me”…..does that mean she can still see my story?

    I never see her name on my views, assuming because I deleted her from my own list…

  19. Parri says:

    Hi, I deleted my friend. And then I re-added him. So does he need to re-add me too that we can see each other stuff ? May you explain am somewhat about this please???

  20. Dana says:

    Someone added me to snapchat but I can not see their story. I know they saw mine, but why can I not see theirs?

  21. mary says:

    I removed someone as a friend and a week or so later I was just curious so I typed in their username and it said they added me and gave me the option of adding them back. Why did this person’s add not show up in my added me list on snap?

  22. billy says:

    Someones delt me last night can i able to approch her again … and able to see her snap and able to chat again ?? If yes then how

  23. John says:

    I deleted someone but her name was still there in add me a week later and I re added her, immediately after I could view her story. Why was she in add me still? Would she know I deleted her? And would she know I re added her? Thanks

  24. Muisku says:

    If I first block someone in snapchat and then go to my contacts in my phone and delete them and then go to settings/block in snapchat and hit the x button will that take them completely out of my snapchat? Like friends/my contacts.. everything?

  25. mike says:

    If someone un adds me or blocks me will our messages still be present or deleted?

  26. Ruba says:

    Someone deleted me from snapchat because when I send them snaps it says pending. Yet they still appear on my friends list :/ what does that mean?
    Also if can they re-add me? And if they did will I be notified??

  27. kama says:

    If someone sends me a message then blocks me straight after (constantly) can they see that I have opened their mail?

  28. Soph says:

    I deleted someone a while back and they new about it. But they told me recently that they sent me a few snaps anyway and it says delivered (not pending like it should). So i changed my settings to everyone could send me a snap but I still cant see their snaps from a while back? I’m curious as to whats going on!

  29. sydnei says:

    Does the saved messages on the other person’s device also deleted when i Block that person? Will i disappear on their chat history page?

  30. Ziiiz says:

    I blocked some one did he see my picture that I send it to him before in privet ?

  31. Question says:

    I blocked a person after sending them a message can they view the message and read it?

  32. maryanne says:

    my friend has me listed as a friend, but i don’t have him. it doesn’t give me the option to add him. and when he tries to add me, it says we are friends. How do i fix this? Maybe i deleted or blocked him before by accident?

    • admin says:

      yes, maybe you blocked him by accident, to unblock him, go to the settings and scroll down to ‘Account Actions’ and tap ‘Blocked’.
      You should see a list of Snapchatters who are currently blocked. Simply tap the X next to their name to unblock them. After you’ve unblocked him, you both may need to re-add each other as friends to send Snaps and Chats. If you send them a Snap, it may appear that you have not yet added each other!

  33. Tori says:

    One of my friends has disappeared off my friends list, and me from theirs. Neither of us deleted/blocked the other. I can still see our saved chats but they can’t see me at all, and I can’t re-add them as a friend. No idea what’s going on – could this be a technical glitch??

    • admin says:

      maybe you blocked him by accident, go to the settings and scroll down to ‘Account Actions’ and tap ‘Blocked’ to check if your friends are on the blocked list. Simply tap the X next to their name to unblock them.

  34. Misty says:

    2 days ago I blocked and then deleted a friend. I have been trying to add them back, after waiting 24 hours, and I click ads and it says “Sorry! Unable to find…”. I know they haven’t blocked me. What’s going on?

    • admin says:

      you need to unlock them first, go to the settings, scroll down to ‘Account Actions’ and tap ‘Blocked’.
      You should see a list of Snapchatters who are currently blocked. Simply tap the X next to their name to unblock them.

  35. claudia says:

    I unfriended someone awhile ago, but he still has me in his friends list because ig says he added me. If I re-add him will he get a notification?

  36. Ronny says:

    Say that I remove a friend from snapchat and they snapchat me after that, with my “contact me” settings on friends only… If I were to change my “contact me” settings to everyone, would I recieve that previous snapchat they sent me that would not go through originally? Or does my settings need to stay at “everyone” in order for me to snapchat somebody without being on my friends list.

    • admin says:

      your settings need to stay at “everyone” in order for you to snapchat somebody without being on your friends list.

  37. Brickhouse says:

    If I sent a snap message then I removed them as my friend . Will they see the message still ?

  38. Hafsa shah says:

    One of my friend was removed from my list I think he deleted me from his list but after two days i saw in my added friend list that he added me back and I added him too but now I can’t see his story and my message is still pending what’s going on?

  39. Bella says:

    (Sorry if you’ve already answered this question.) I have my settings set to Everyone. I want to delete a few people but don’t mind if they still watch my Stories or send me Snaps. After I delete them, will my Stories still show up in their Stories section or will I be completely gone on their end? Thank you so much.

  40. Nicki says:

    If someone unfriended me on snapchat, then on the add friends it says they added me back , why can’t I add them back i pressed the button add but it says username can’t be Found while its there

  41. mathu says:

    If I block someone from seeing my story and they unfriend me , then refriend me..will I need to go back and block them from seeing my story again?

  42. Timile says:

    How do you know if someones deleted their snapchat account? Would you be able to search them at all?

  43. Katherine says:

    If my page is public for everyone and I remove a friend, will they still be able to see my story? I just don’t want to see theirs.

  44. Dave says:

    I noticed my friend’s points don’t come up on her profile when I click? I haven’t seen a Snap story from her in the last 24 hours, which is unlike her. Did something change? It still shows her on my friends list? I’m just confused or wondering if it’s no big deal?

  45. jessi says:

    I had a number in my contacts on my phone but deleted the number off my phone but when I went to add friends from address book they show up when I don’t have their number in my phone anymore. Does anyone know why?

  46. Kyle says:

    I had a friend removed, but keep my profile public. She sent me a snap, and I snapped back with a video. Then it says I had her added again. I don’t know why it would, but would she have gotten notified that I added her again?

  47. Diane says:

    If someone deleted me off of snapchat (I can’t see there score not stories) why do they still show in my contact list as my friends with the option for me to delete them?

  48. sweetu says:

    If i have delted or blocked smone can he is able to view my pst after 1 day ???

    • admin says:

      if you just deleted them, they can add you again and view your post, but if you also blocked them, they can’t see your post

  49. Sara says:

    I deleted someone…added them then sent a message. After I sent it I realized I shouldn’t and they probably didn’t see I added them back as its been a long time since the delete. If I delete them again and block them will that potentially make it difficult for them to read the snap or should I just deactivate my account?

  50. Sophie says:

    I have a list of people that says ‘added me’, I have not added thrm back. I never see their name come up who has viewed my story. Is that because I’m not following them back? Does Snapchat only show you notifications of people who view your story that you follow back only?

  51. Victoria says:

    If someone deletes/blocks me off their snapchat but I have them added, can they still see my stories?

  52. Jenny says:

    What is the difference between removed friends and block someone?
    i want to block my friends but i don’t want the msgs i saved disappear
    What should I do?
    remove them or block them but save the msgs?

  53. Katie says:

    So I haven’t been able to see my friends snapchat story for a while, so I figured he deleted me because I couldn’t see his snapchat score. Then the other day I could see his story for some reason. And now he posts and I can see what he posts on his story what does this mean?

  54. Katie says:

    Also, he isn’t looking at my story.

  55. Mick says:

    I deleated a girl and when I search it comes up added me, does that mean I’m still in her contacts? And if I add her what will happen?

  56. Khaled says:

    I had a friend added from contact list on my phone after deleting them with there phone number i still have them on snapchat users from contact list even though i deleted their number .. how can i remove them from this list ?

  57. Gariefa says:

    I had a friend and couldn’t see their score but they were still in my friends list. I gathered they deleted me and unfollowed me so I deleted them. Straight after they appeared in the “added me” section what does this mean?

  58. kiok says:

    I added someone and then sent them a message before they could add me back. they didnt see the messege but I blocked them, could they still see the message I tried sending them before?

  59. Lisa says:

    I don’t know if someone already asked this questions, I tried to read as many comments as I can.. But a couple of days a go I noticed someone deleted me on snap because I couldn’t see his story and his score. So I decided to delete him too. A couple of days later he appeared in my ‘added me’ list and it said that he added me by username. So I added him back and now I can’t see his score? What does this mean?

  60. Smudge says:

    If my partner says that she has deleted snapchat from her phone should she still show up in my friends page? Also, how can I be sure that she hasn’t reinstalled it without my knowledge?
    Many Thanks.

    • admin says:

      if she just deleted the app, not the account, then she wil still show up in your friends page. See her score, if the score is increasing, then she reinstall and use the app again

  61. aliff says:

    If i just unfrnd my frnd from my contacts will he/she able to see my posts

  62. kayla says:

    I recently unfriended someone from my friends list on Snap Chat. When i initially un-friended my settings were set to “friends only” about 10hours later I changed my settings to “everyone” does this mean that he/she can still view my story on their page as they did before I deleted them? Or do they need to be re-added? he/she’s user name no longer exists in my “added me” section and I know they did not un-friend me.

    • admin says:

      when you set to “everyone”, then everyone (even if you are not add them back) are able to view your posts.

  63. Nick says:

    I sent a message to someone 2 days ago. They didn’t open it. So I checked today and their snapchat was different than the name I put for them. So I opened up their “profile” and it said “add friend”, which means she removed me. But the snapchat still says delivered? It doesn’t say opened, so did she open it and I’m just not able to see she opened it, or did she just see I snapchatted her and then she deleted me?

  64. Sarai says:

    If I delete someone on snapchat will it delete saved pics and messages from the chat

  65. Court says:

    I blocked someone on snapchat, and then a week later unblocked them. I did not re-add them, just unblocked them. A few days later, I got a notification that they “added me as a friend” and when I went to my “added” page, it says “added you back” under their name. What does this mean? They are not on my friends list and I didn’t add them again, only unblocked them. Did they notice that I blocked them and tried to add me again?

  66. Hiba says:

    I deleted my friend day ago then next day i saw his name in added-me in my contacts not added-me by username… So the Q … Is he re-added me really or not ?

  67. alice says:

    this morning i had a friend on snap chat. i came home later this evening and it says he was deleted. i never deleted him. and now it wont let me add him back. how do i get him back as a friend on snap chat?

  68. Megan says:

    Will an emoji still pop up next to someone’s name after they are deleted by somebody else? My boyfriend deleted his ex and she still has a sunglasses emoji on my personal snapchat and all she could be sharing best friends with is my boyfriend.

  69. Jake says:

    I deleted someone and now I’m trying to get rid of someone’s snapchat username that keeps popping up when I go to add by username in the added me section when I search for their username, how do I stop their username from coming up?

  70. Benny says:

    OK seriously, seriously important question here okay!!!!

    I had an argument with an ex. I sent videos to her. Soon after I realised that what I said I didn’t mean so I blocked her. We’ve begun talking again and now she wants me to add her back on snapchat. Will she see the videos that I sent 6 months ago????? I mean she isn’t blocked now but I can add her through contacts on my phone. But will she see the snap videos I sent 6 months ago if I blocked her before she opened them????? Please answer!!!

    • admin says:

      you really got a serious problem here, to be safe, we suggest to create another account, just say to your GF that your old account is permanently locked and you can’t do anything about it.

  71. Mye says:

    I deleted someone, but that person showed up on my added list when I type in that person’s name. That person didn’t show up on my added list though. Why do that person’s name appear on the added list when I typed their name? Did that person added me back?

  72. Hannah says:

    One of my friends deleted me for the summer because I was a “temptation”. But now he’s snapping me again and it keeps saying everyday that he’s added me as a friend and he’s able to snap me but I’m only able to reply when he snaps me first. I try to snap him and it says pending and he has to add me as a friend but he already did? This happens every day and multiple times a day so I can never send him a snap without him doing it first and when I go to my friends he is on the list with a check?? Help

  73. SLD says:

    I hit “remove friend” for someone because I don’t want him to be able to contact me; I felt blocking was too harsh. But now tonight, he showed up as viewing my story.

    So all this means is, I can’t see his story or send him snaps but he can still send me things and see me? My settings are set to “Everyone” – I have a lot of followers that I don’t add back… so if I change that to “Friends” then he won’t be able to view my story or contact me?

    Then wouldn’t it be like blocking him? Snapchat help has zero “Remove Friend” info.

  74. Charlotte says:

    If I sent someone a pic/ video and then blocked them before they read/ opened it, will they still be able to see it?

  75. Lary says:

    If I unfriend someone on snapchat will they still beable to read messages they have saved on the chat?

  76. Edison says:

    If I had conversations that my friend saved on the chat and I delete that person will the saved messages be deleted?

  77. Ayush says:

    I am not able to delete messages which are even unsaved! I went to settings and clear conversation! But after that if same person texts me i can still see the old unsaved chats! What to do?

  78. marc says:

    I’ve read many if the.comments here and still a bit confused. I would like to completely remove someone from my snapchat. My settings are set to friends only. Should I delete or block the user? Help would be grearly appreciated.

  79. Kristen says:

    I deleted someone a couple months ago and then a few days ago I changed it so that anyone can send me snaps. Then two days after I changed the setting I got a snap from this person. When I clicked his username it, it says that we are still not friends on snapchat. Could this possibly be something that he tried to send me a long time ago that just came through?

  80. Jacob says:

    I blocked and then deleted a snapchat account, and then unblocked and added them a couple hrs later.. did they get a notification ? I haven’t been added back I’m wondering if they can see I added them again

  81. Matt says:

    If i remove someone from my friends will they still be under my best friends

  82. xtina says:

    on my added me list on snapchat there is a person who added me by phone number but is no longer my friend I pushed add but it did not add them yet they are still on my added me list what does that mean?

    • xtina says:

      they unfriended me the other day and I saw them on there today so thought maybe it was by accident so I tried adding them back and it didn’t.

  83. Brittany says:

    If someone “deletes” you on snapchat will they be removed from your friends list? One day I’m friends with someone and the next they are not on my friends list. But they are in the added me section. Does that mean they deleted or blocked me? And then tried to re add me?

  84. Christina says:

    I was u friended by someone a few days ago then I saw them in my added me list so I thought maybe they deleted me by accident so I pushed add and when I got to my desk I checked it and it was still on the added me list what does that mean?

  85. Daisy says:

    If I deleted someone and then re-add them would I still be able to see their story ?

  86. Cedrick says:

    A friend added my by my snapcode. I deleted that friend a few weeks later. 2 days later he appeared on my added me list, it said that that person had added me by snapcode but I never got a notification. I added that person back and I can’t see their snap score. What does that mean?

  87. Jordan says:

    Someone deleted me from Snapchat and after that I deleted that person. But now, that person shows up on my ‘added me’ list, saying the individual added me by username and it gives me the option to “add”. Is this an old notification from the first time the person added me, or did the person re-add me?

  88. Dutch says:

    I removed someone off my snapchat does that mean they can still see my post and i that I can’t see theirs

  89. Brittany says:

    If someone “deletes” you on snapchat will they be removed from your friends list? One day I’m friends with someone and the next they are not on my friends list. But they are in the added me section. Does that mean they deleted or blocked me? And then tried to re add me?

  90. Corona says:

    Someone blocked me and then unblocked me and added me again so I added them back, and they can see my story but I can’t see theirs, we tried to remove eachother as friends and then add eachother back but their story still doesn’t show up on my feed. Why?

  91. Aria says:

    Ok so I was friends with this one person then I deleted them. Later I found out they blocked me, but now we’re ok again so I added them back, and it showed that they added me back too. But no baby icon showed up and I can’t see their score so does that mean they really didn’t add me back? Or could I still be blocked from before?

  92. mellisa says:

    I “removed friends” not block and my setting is only friends. He can see me or not if I only removed him and my setting only friends?
    did you know? Please tell me in email, I really need your help to answers this question. Thank you

  93. Josh says:

    Is there a way to see the date I blocked a person?

  94. toto says:

    if you sent someone that unfriended you a snap then blocked them before they opened it, will they still be able to open it?

  95. Diane says:

    I was friends with someone and then I think they deleted me because I couldn’t see the snapchat number next to the name so then I removed them and now in my added me section he’s there and says added you back and to add back? does this mean he added me back after he deleted me? Or what does it mean? Why is he showing up in that section again?

  96. Jane says:

    I think my friend deleted me on snapchat because I can no longer see their score. I just sent a snap to them tho and it said that it was delivered. Then a few minutes later their name dissappeared from the chat list. I sent another one and their name dissappeared again almost immediately. Did they open the snaps? Am I blocked?

  97. Sara says:

    Hi i blocked someone and then remove the block but didn’t add them , knowing that we were adding each other so she didn’t block or delete or either remove me :
    1 can they see my story
    2 or can they see my name in their list
    3 can they send me snaps and chats

  98. Sasha says:

    If someone blocked me will they still appear on my ‘added me’ list? Everytime I click ‘add back’ it’s says sorry couldn’t find anything?

  99. Eta says:

    Hi, i recently deleted someone from my snapchat twice and when i go to my “added me” appears that he added me back. Does it mean that he has noticed it and keeps adding me back?

  100. Muhammad says:

    What if you want re-add them is there a way to find there snapchat name

  101. Leanne says:

    Someone I deleted keeps coming up saying they are typing but they are not on my friends list what does that mean ?

  102. Jean says:

    I can’t see a friends snap score anymore but he is still on my friend list and the last 2 snaps I sent him still shows delivered. I sent him a snap chat and it also sent.. Did he unfriend me? What does “unfollow” mean?? Is it the same as being un friended? Is snaps still delivered if he in friended me?

  103. Selly says:

    If I deleted someone and they show up on my added me list as“added me back” does this mean they can see my snaps and if so will I see that they have looked at them?

  104. Kaylin says:

    I believe that someone deleted me yet when I send them messages to snaps it goes through and the arrow is blue (for chat) or red when I send them snaps.

  105. Michael says:

    If I unfriend someone will the saved messages in the conversation disappear?

  106. Marg says:

    I believe i deleted a friend on snapchat but would like to add her back. When I search her username or try to add her again (via snapcoade) it says we’re already friends, but I can’t see any of her snaps. How can I be able to view her stories and snaps again?

  107. Lorena says:

    My bf deleted me on Wednesday then on Friday I got a message that he “added me back” but when I go to add him it says user cannot be found. I get he blocked me but since he “added me back” and my profile is public can he see my stories even if he has me blocked?

  108. Lisa says:

    A sc friend whom I have in my contacts as well just disappeared (story wise). They are still in my friends list, but I cannot see their score. Assuming they deleted me I decided to remove them as well only to receive a notification that they are in my ‘added me’ section. I honestly thought I was blocked at first, but I still see them in my friends list and I can still search for them. Then I strongly believed I was just deleted since I cannot view their score, but then they showed up in the ‘added me’ list. I’m left with getting blocked from their story and being ignored on mine, or they really did unfriend me. Can you help me understand this a bit better?

  109. Lisa says:

    Update: they are no longer shown in the ‘added me’ list. I take it they were only in my friends list because I was following them but they had already removed me as friends since I could no longer see their score or story.

  110. Bertha says:

    If I delete someone or block them now before they have viewed a snap, will they still get the snap?

  111. Jack says:

    I sent someone a snap then removed them as a friend soon after but before they opened it, will they still be able to open it?

  112. Nadia says:

    Hi! I removed someone from my friend list, does that mean that i am also removed from theirs automatically? – they aren’t showing in the’added me’ list, only ‘add friend’ list.

    I sent the person a video and removed them before they could view it, can they still see it if I set the ‘who can view my story’ to ‘everyone’? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      no, you are still on their friend list, but they can’t see your score. If you send the video on the story, everyone can view it as long they added you

  113. lu says:

    when I delete a friend from snapchat, he send a request immediately to add him back… I did this 3 times.. and I am getting a message back to add him back… is the system doing this atomically? or is him?

  114. Sabri00 says:

    Hi! If I remove a friend from snapchat and I put my privacy setting to public, will my stories still pop out on his list ? Because I don’t get it. I can’t see the score of that person. It supposed to mean that he doesn’t following back no more and he’s still viewing my snapchat stories. Thank you

  115. Pilar Guadarrama says:

    if I blocked someone and unfriened them is there some way to add them again?

  116. lace says:

    i deleted this guy on snapchat. i no longer have our saved messages, but does he still have them?

  117. Freddy says:

    How do I remove someones snapchat username (without blocking) that has added me (but I havent added back) from the search bar, whenever I type in someone esles username

  118. Hello says:

    Someone I recently deleted re-appeared on my added me list saying “added by username”. What does it mean? Does it mean that the person re-added me?

  119. nana says:

    i blocked someone on snapchat then i unblocked them then it appeared in my added me list and said added you back what does that mean?

  120. lupe says:

    My question is if i delete someone can they see it if i add them do i have to until they accept me again?

  121. Lily says:

    Okay I have a situation! Some1 blocked me then unblocked me BUT when I search his USERNAME it shows ADDED ME above his username. is he still following me or no? I didn’t get a notification that he added me back that’s why I am confused

  122. Joan says:

    If I add someone back , will they appear in my best friends list again ?

  123. Anonymous says:

    I deleted a friend of mine off my snapchat a while back. My setting is set to everyone so even when he was sending me snapchats I was able to receive them and reply to him. We have alot of saved conversations from before so his name always appears at the bottom of my list. However I noticed a really funny thing. His name is appearing as his username now and I can’t edit his name from the conversation history, it only gives me the option of block or add friend. When I search his name via username it shows me his score only there with the name I had saved him before with. Does this mean he’s removed (not blocked) me from his friendlist too? If not, then what does it mean?

  124. Nevaeh says:

    I accidentally blocked someone then unblocked and re added them, but they still can’t view my story and I can’t view theirs even though we’ve added each other back. Can that be fixed?

  125. Silky says:

    I have 3 questions-

    1. How to know the difference if someone deletes you or someone block you?

    2. If someone re add you after blocking/deleting do we get the notification of that?

    3. What if you dont get the notification, but after search by username you found that the person is in your added you list?

    • admin says:

      1. if you are blocked, you can’t find the account when you search it by the username
      2. Yes, you will get the notif
      3. then they already added you back

  126. alicia says:

    So if I am friends with someone and they have messages saved between us that wont disappear, can I block them? will they still be able to see the messages they saved between us if they are blocked?

  127. I deleted someone, and ask and now it says added me. Does that mean that I have to Say yes or no to add them I guess my question is is that person trying to re-add me to Snapchat again to become friends again?

  128. Melanie says:

    I accidnetly deleted a close friend on snapchat and want to re add him.. I have sent him a request but he said he can’t accept it.. What’s happening???

  129. Katie says:

    My sister and I were friends on snapchat. I realized that I couldn’t see her numbers anymore. I removed her days later. Then I realized she was under the ” added me” tab but didn’t get a notification. I added her. But when I click on her name under my friends I still cant see her numbers and when I tried to message her it says “pending until she adds me as a friend”. I am confused I thought she added me because it was on my list under added me and I added her. Do you know why this happened?

  130. Anthony says:

    So i deleted my ex on Snapchat about a month ago and i got a notification saying she “added me” when I gontonher contact it says she “added me back” what does this mean. Like I deleted her so how could she add me back? Other snap chat users say added me by contacts but she got a new phone so I don’t think she has my number anymore. Any thoughts?

  131. Steven says:

    When I look up “add friends” on snapchat a deleted friend appears under “added me” when I type his name. One day his name disappeared for few weeks but appeared again, does that mean he deleted me and added again?

  132. Kayla says:

    After I blocked someone on snapchat, will I still get a Notafacation if they screenshotted my snap?

  133. Samantha says:

    I added someone to snapchat but they still however havent accepted me.
    I however sent a pic but hasnt seen it cuz i was not accepte.
    If i delete him will he still be able to see said picture

  134. Tee says:

    If someone deleted me, will they still see my snaps if my page is set to friends only?. I serched their page and it came up, does that mean I’m not blocked?.

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