Why Snapchat Won’t Work on WiFi?

Some snapchat users having problems with WiFi connection, most of their snapchat won’t connect to WiFi, mostly are their home WiFi. When they connect to the internet by using WiFi connection, the snapchat cannot loaded, but when they use the 3G network, it is connected. So what exactly is the cause of snapchat can not connect to wifi?

Why Snapchat Won't Work on WiFi

Why Snapchat Won’t Work on WiFi

There are several factors that could be causing this issue, there may be a problem with your Internet Service Provider. Contacting your ISP’s customer support is the first wise step.

How to solve snapchat wifi connection problem?

There are snapchat user who suggested to reinstall, update, or clear cache your snapchat app, but many have not succeeded.

There is a possibility that the IP address of your home WiFi blocked by snapchat. To solve this, change your routers settings by changing the DNS to google’s DNS:

Why your IP is blocked by snapchat is because if you are connected via mobile data, you can login and send some snaps, view the stories, etc. So the problem is not in the app, but it is in the WiFi connection.

After you change the DNS on your router, try to reconnect your snapchat. We hope this solve your snapchat Wifi problem. The last thing could happen is maybe the Snapchat server is down, so it has nothing to do with your WiFi or your device.

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