Why your Snapstreaks gone and how to get it back fast

Have you ever woke up in the morning to find your Snapstreaks gone? Believe me, you are not the only one who experience this. Find out why on earth your Snapstreaks gone whereas last night there was still there. Learn the Snapctreks rules and how to get your Snapstreaks back after losing it. Follow these tips to recover your lost streaks fast.

Snapstreaks is fire emoji which appears next to your friend’s username on Snapchat. Snapstreak appears along with the number of days that you and a friend have Snapped (not chatted) each other. Yes, you and your friends on a Snapstreak when you and your friends snapped each other in 24 hours for more than three consecutive days.

Why your Snapstreaks gone and how to get it back fast

Why your Snapchat streaks gone

Before answering the question, it would be nice if we learn the rules of Snapstreaks so from there we can draw the conclusion why our Snpstreaks gone. Here are some of the Snapstreaks rules we have collected from the Snapchat support page.

  • To get Snapstreak, you and your friend must send snaps to each other within 24 hours for more than three consecutive days. The number that appears next to the fire icon is the number of days you both have Snapped (not chatted) back and forth.
  • To keep your Snapstreak, you and your friends should still send snaps to each other from day to night, 24/7. If you forget to send snaps during the day, or you start sending snaps to your other friends, you’ll see a ⌛️ next to your friend’s name you previously on streak, means that your Snapstreak with them is about to expire, so you need to keep it up.
  • The snaps you send to the chat group will not count as points for Snapstreaks. This also applies if you send snaps with Memories or Spectacles to your friends on Snapchat.

Based on those Snapchat streak rules, there are some things that cause why you lose your Snapstreak: You spend a day without sending snaps to your friend so the number will disappear and the streak turns into hourglass. Maybe you or your friends are busy sending snaps to other snapchatters so this can happen.

But not a few Snapchatters report that they suddenly lose their Snapstreaks even though they keep sending snaps to each other to keep the Streak. If this also happens to you, you can report it to https://support.snapchat.com/i-need-help.

So that’s why your Snapstreaks gone. To get it back fast, you just have to sending snaps continuously for 24/7. If you still have something in mind about Snapchat Streaks, please let us know about it.


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