You could be featured in publisher’s Snapchat

The latest features of Snapchat allow media companies to access and collect content from Snapchat users like you. The Curated Our Stories will be packaged into editions centering on live events, breaking news and other topics.

Large publishers from media companies such as CNN, Cosmo, and NBC News could feature your Snapchat Stories to their Stories. The Stories will then appear and can be seen in the Discover section. This feature will start with a group of 26 companies ranging from big TV programmers such as CNN and Viacom to social meme publishers like Daquan.

When there are major or important events such as music festivals, sporting events, catastrophic storms, or other breaking news events, Snapchat has separated itself from how mainstream media presents news. Snapchat has a unique ability to provide first-person views into what is happening around the world. You can feel to be the person who is in the middle of the crowd by using Snapchat Our Stories.

You could be featured in publisher Snapchat

With this feature, Snapchat collaborates with a number of publisher partners so that its user-generated content reaches the largest possible audience and is discoverable outside of the Snapchat app. Besides publishing the Stories in the Discover section, the media partners are also able to embed these posts on their own sites and apps.

The posts curated and published by the media partners of course will be ad-supported. Snap, the company that own Snapchat will manage the sales and share ad revenue with the publishers. Then what about ordinary users like you whose stories are taken for display by publishers? You will get nothing but fame if the story you make goes viral.

This feature can be beneficial for everyone. For publishers, tCurated Our Articles can be attractive because it does not require additional resources, unlike the expensive Snapchat Discover editions. For Snapchat, the feature could provide them with more publicity. Media partners may share Snapchat Our Stories on their websites, and may need to promote the app or request publications from users to create them. In both cases, it offers media organizations another reason to talk about Snapchat, which could be useful for Snap.

So what do you think about this feature. Curated Our Stories could make you famous if your Stories is curated and published by some big Media Companies.

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