Young boy saves his Snapchat friend from suicide

A girl is about to commit suicide when her Snapchat friend from several countries saves her life. Gabe is a 12-year-old boy from Pittsburgh who has become a hero because he saved the life of a little girl who lives in a different state.

“I felt that this girl needed help and she was in distress and she needed somebody to talk to and get it through with,” Gabe said.

Gabe said he had only known this girl recently through Snapchat. He had just met this 6th-grade girl in Grand Saline, Texas. “She was one of my friend’s friends, so I added her,” Gabe said. Although Gabe lives 1,500 miles from Grand Saline, Texas, he became fast friends with the girl.

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Young boy saves his Snapchat friend from suicide

“This one day, she said she was feeling really sad and stuff,” Gabe said.

Gabe said that the girl had confessed and that what she said weighed heavily on his heart.

“I called the suicidal services thing first because I didn’t know the number for your police,” Gabe said.

“Gabriel was able to identify that she was here in Grand Saline and it took a little investigative work by the officer once we got the information from the national hotline to identify who the young lady was,” said Chief Jeremy Barker of the Grand Saline Police Department.

With Gabe’s help, the Grand Saline Police Department finally able to track down the existence of the little girl and convince Gabe that his friend will be fine. Instantly Gabe labeled a hero, got an award from the police, The Grand Saline Police Department sent Gabe a letter thanking him for his heroic deed. and so on.

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“It’s reassuring to know that there are kids out there like Gabriel that show bravery and heroism and doing the right thing for someone else,” Barker said.

So that’s the story of Gabe who saved his friend on Snapchat. That’s how the Snapchat app should be used, using Snapchat for positive things. But Gabe, shouldn’t you be 13 years old to be able to use the Snapchat app?

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